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Pastor Salem's Devotional Videos

Devotional Archive

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Do You Have Heart Trouble
The Miraculous Book
The Business of Bearing Fruit
Jesus Prays for His Flock
Have You Met the Good Shepherd?
Extra Help for the New Year
The Gifts God Gave Us
The Voices of Christmas
The Question of the Wise Men
The Good Shepherd
Help For A Broken Heart
Love Compels Us?
Why Me?
When the Going Gets Tough
Let God Write Your Story
His Grip Don't Slip
Do You Know Your Destiny?
Even so, Father
The Debt We Cannot Pay
You Better Be Prepared
Adam & Eve & Little Old Me
Handling The Word Of God Deceitfully
Watch Out For Jannes & Jambres
My Grace Is Sufficient For You
Look The Other Way
Love That Never Tires
But God.
When Things Look Hopeless
What a Book
Leaning on Jesus
O Yes He Cares!
Take Heart, Dad
Secrets of Happiness
Beauty That Counts
A Cell Phone Discount
Life Is What You Make It
The Bible of My Mother
The Real You
Results of the Resurrection
When Jesus Wept
The Story of Three Crosses
Playing Second Fiddle
The Value of a Vision
Watch Your Step
Time To Check Your Heart
You Are Important
Stay Close To Jesus
He Knows Your Name
Help for the New Year
The Everlasting Gospel
The Voices of Christmas
Be a Blessing
Thank God for the Clouds
When I Sin
Oh Give Thanks!
Bite Your Tongue
Our Faithful Guide
The Glorious Cross
God Is On Our Side
Shine for Jesus
Never Give Up
The Little Things Count
Help in Hard Times
A Love Without Limits
Watch Your Step
Waiting on the Lord
Measure Your Words
Take Heart
Does Your Burden Feel Too Heavy?
My Mother's Prayers
Listen to the Angels
The Best Gifts to Give
The Christmas Spirit
Thanking God in the Storm
Your God is Too Small
The On-Time God
Stop fretting
How to grow pumpkins
Listen to Big Ben
God Knows
A Purpose for Living
Your Flight is Confirmed
This I Know
You Are Important to God
The Miracle of the Butterfly
Why I Know I Am Going to Heaven
The Bright Side of Life
The Initial Point
Praying Aright
Honesty Tested
Faithful Friends
The Important Things In Life
Guidelines For Godliness
Better Check Your Map Again!
Love That Never Tires
Cause For Rejoicing
The Sustaining God
My Mother's Bible
Jitters or Jesus
Would I Die for Jesus?
Jesus Has No Peers
He Lives Here!
How to Be Miserable
The Cost of the Cross
Quit Making Excuses
God's Global Positioning System
The Beautiful Savior
What Do You Want from God?
Don't Be Afraid
Celebrate Christmas
Safe in Jesus' Hands
Trusting God
Home At Last
Worship the Lamb
Help Someone Today
How To Handle Trouble
All We Like Sheep
The Nearness of Jesus
The Owl That Winked
A Call to Witness
When We Get the Blues
The Dumb Business of Making Excuses!
The Blessings of Work
The Almighty's Purity
Quit Your Fussing!
Never Give Up
How to Read the Bible
Hope to Those in Despair
A Word to the Gossiper
The Need for Friends
Some Great Promises of God
Are You Really Free?
Fix Your Eyes on Jesus
The Greatness of God
Bless You, Dad
He's Helping Somewhere!
Do you Really Trust God?
Don't Be Afraid to Cash the Check
When You're Down in the Mouth
John Three Sixteen
God is Good
The Titanic
A New Song

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