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March 2015 

Dear fellow worker of the Christian Worship Hour:

I read the twenty-third Psalm the other day and three words lodged in my mind,

“HE LEADETH ME.” Psalm 23:2

Think of it:

  • HE LEADETH ME BEFORE I WAS BORN! By that I mean, God chose the place of my birth. I could have been born in Africa or the Antarctic, but no, God chose good old South Dakota. That gives me great joy and assurance, God is in control of my life and cares for me! The same goes for you! (Jer. 1:5; Ps. 22.9). So cheer up!
  • HE LEADETH ME TO REPENTENCE: When I was ten years old, the dear Shepard of my soul, spoke to my soul, convicted me of my sins, and pointed me to Himself as my Savior. Ten years old, and now, almost 84 years later I remember it all as though it was last night! Don’t come around and tell me a child cannot be saved---it happened to me, so go jump in the lake! (Rom. 2:4; II Peter 3:9).
  • HE LEADETH ALL THROUGH LIFE. Think of it, I am 93 going on 94 and the Good Shepherd led me all the way! Sometimes, I must confess, I strayed from the path of righteousness, but the dear Savior never gave up on me, He just spoke to my heart and convicted my soul, and I came back to him. If you’ve drifted from the Lord today, come back to Him. He’s waiting for you and will forgive if you ask for it. (Ps. 23:3; Luke 19:10; John 6:37).
  • HE LEADETH ME THROUGH DEATH! When I come to that last valley called death, the Savior is there to take my hand. Consequently, “I fear no evil; for thou art with me”. (Ps. 23:4). There are a lot of people afraid of death, and well they might be if they are still in their sins----but if we confess our sins to Jesus, He will freely forgive them, take our hand, and carry us over that last mile. (I John1:9). You know what, every time I preach I pray to God someone, somewhere will confess their sins to Jesus, ask Him into their heart, and find the same joy I have. (Acts 2:21).
  • HE LEADETH ME HOME! Like Abraham, at 93 years of age, I am not much interested in getting into a fancy house built with hands. It has no real attraction for me. But, like Abraham, I want to see that building in the skies, not made with hands, but made by the Word of God to the glory of God. Jesus is making a special place for me, and guess what, my name is on it as plain as day. You can have one too, but Jesus has to do it for you. Ask Him to forgive you of all your ugly sins, and low and behold, His precious blood will take away ALL your sins, don’t put it off. (I John 1:7. JESUS IS THE WAY! (John 14:6).
  • HE LEADETH ME TODAY. That’s the beauty of the gospel we preach, the wonderful Savior, Jesus, will lead us when we leave this world. But He doesn’t wait until we die, instead, the moment we receive Him into our heart, He comes in! (Rev. 3:20). And He comes in to stay, never to depart. He tells us He will “never leave us or forsake us” (Heb. 13:5). Again Jesus tells us, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Matt. 28:20).
  • IS HE LEADING YOU? Do you know Him, or do you just know ABOUT HIM, like say, George Washington. You must know Him personally by asking Him to come into your heart. (John 5:24). I pray to God you will do that. You can make all heaven rejoice! God! (Luke 15:10).

God bless you. Thank you for your support with your gifts, prayers, good will and telling others. We press on in faith, faith in our Lord and His People. All praise to God!

In our Savior’s love,

Harold E. Salem, pastor

Thank You for Writing...

I don’t always agree with all that is taught on your program but I’m always thankful for the program and acknowledge the importance of the teachings. When I listen to your teachings and hear something I don’t agree with it encourages me to study that subject. So I consider those times, gifts from our loving Savior to me to bring me to His word so thank you. I love your sermons, especially those I don’t agree with. I am very blessed to be able to help in a small way with his offering, offered in my Saviors, name.


I am writing to ask you to pray for me. I am living alone now for the last 5 years. My MS has gotten worse. My wife is living with another man even though we are still married. I am so depressed some days, I feel like taking my own life. Please help, I need strength and your guidance. I watch every week and love your ministry.


Dear Pastor, musicians, technicians, staff and others. We so appreciate and are blessed by the Christian Worship Hour services. We are also glad and blessed to be partnering in the ministry. Along with our monthly offering, we wish to donate to the CD on “Encouragement to Small Church Pastors” That too was very edifying to us and we so appreciate receiving it. Thank you for it. God bless you all.


My husband listens to you every Sunday. He is hard of hearing and turns the TV up. You preach just the way it is. I am a Lutheran and attend our congregation on Sundays when I can, but always watch your service with my husband before rushing out the door to attend my church. My husband is 86 and I am 88.


Your faith and strength have given me “Word” to have a new lifestyle here in Seward. May the Lord continue to bless each staff member that helps you. I am thankful God put you in my life sentence. I was lost, now I am found again! Amazing Grace. I pray to meet you at the eastern gate in person.


As I set here and count my blessings, I think of how your program has touched our lives. We were in a very dark place after the loss of our son but you helped us see the light again.


Please accept this gift for the eternal work of Jesus Christ. As conservative, Missouri Synod, “LOO-turns” we praise and thank God for the Holy Spirit working through you, and proclaiming the Good News of our Lord and Savior, and friend, Jesus Christ, with the truth of your preaching both the Law AND the Gospel. We live in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, and watch you before we go to church on Sunday mornings on channel 23 broadcasting from the Twin Cities. It starts our day perfectly! Others from our congregation, including my mom and dad, also watch you. We love you, we thank you, we are grateful to see and hear you preach the Word.


I am asking for prayer and also for a copy of your “Encouragement to Small church Pastors” for one of my grandsons. The small church he was pastoring has split and closed its doors after the members could not agree. He really needs that DVD and prayer as well.


Thank you for your wonderful ministry. My life has been forever changed because of your straight forward preaching the word and telling it like it is.



(For the month of March 2015)

"And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me,
Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."
(Revelation 14:13)


In memory of the birthday of my late, WIFE, by KURT POOCH, Hastings, IA, $100

In memory of those, PERSECUTED, by IVYAL IRWIN, Traverse City, MI, $25

In memory of, VAL OXENDAHL, by WILLIAM JOHNSON, Billings, MT, $50

In memory of my husband, LAWRENCE VIET, by LAVONNE VIET, Marion, SD, $100

In memory of my husband, HAROLD THIESSE, by ALVINA THIESSE, Brainerd, MN, $250

In memory of, PEGGY BLASKY, by JOYCE HUNSTAD, Mounds View, MN, $20

In memory of, MILTON JOHNSON, by DEANE & BEATTA SAGMOE, Hendricks, MN, $20

In loving memory of my dad, CLIFFORD TSCHETTER, by RANDY TSCHETTER, Huron, SD, $100


In memory of my husband, WALTER, by LILLIAN PUDWILL, North Port, FL, $2,000

In memory of, ERMA SAXBERY, by her daughter, MARY CHESER, Columbia, MO, $25

In memory of the birthday of my, DAD, by DANNY VEST, Normal, IL, $25

In memory of my wife, SHIRLEY, by BILL FRANKS, Grand Haven, MI, $50

In memory of our son, PAUL, by BETTY MONK, Cape Coral, FL, $50

In memory of my wife, SUE, by TED WIESE, Beaverton, OR, $100

In memory of, BOB MCCANE, by COLLEEN JARK, Aberdeen, SD, $50

In memory, RONALD LARSON, by his FAMILY & FRIENDS, Gettysburg, SD, $785

In memory of, SANDY WENCK, by her brother in law, RANDY WENCK, Prole, IA, $200

In memory of my dad, LAWRENCE KOECHER, by MARIETTA LEMMERMAN, Superior, WI, $50

In memory of, MILFORD RICHARDS, by THOMAS & PATSY NOORDSY, Sioux Falls, SD, $250

In memory of my two, CHILDREN, by CLAIRE ASHLING, Dawson, MN, $10

In memory of brother, CARL HYRONIMUS, by GEORGE & MARGRET VOIGT, Sioux Falls, SD, $100

In memory of our daughter, JAN FATLAND, by DEAN & SYLVIA FATLAND, Fargo, ND, $15

In memory of my husband, WES, by SHIRLEY WOLSKY, Valley City, ND, $200

In honor of wife, SHIRLEY, by JAMES MARTIN, JR, Brookings, SD, $200

In memory of, BETHANY RUTH BROADWELL, by parents, JAMES & PATRICIA BROADWELL, Port Charlotte, FL, $100

In memory of my husband, LOUIS, by LORRAINE ZUPANCICH, Chisholm, MN, $125

In memory of my nephew, BRAD JUMA, by ROBERT NOHR, Stanley, ND, $100

In memory of my sister, VIVIAN LYNN BLAYTON, by ROGER WALTERS, Morton, IL, $75

In memory of my son, JIM, by JOYCE BRUNA, San Mateo, CA, $25

In memory of, CLEO CLEMENT, by ROBERT & MARJORIE CREIGHTON, Indianola, IA, $25

In memory of grandparents, EDWIN & BARBARA LANG, by AUSTIN & KAYLEE LANG, Mobridge, SD, $100

In memory of, HELEN IRWIN, by VERNON & DORIS DAGOBERG, Stephen, MN, $25

In memory of, ELMER VIET, by his wife, MARCELLA, Sioux Falls, SD, $10

In memory of my, HUSBAND, by ADONNA MAE EVERS, Springfield, MN, $100

In memory of my husband, LOREN, by ANITA BOSLER, Inwood, IA, $80

In memory of my sister, GLORIA, by CALVIN & MARY LEE HILLS, Sisseton, SD, $25


In memory of my late husband, CHARLES, by VIRGINIA VAN DE VERE, Los Gatos, CA, $1,000

In memory of my departed wife, LAVONNE, by DEAN TOELLE, Tintah, MN, $200

In memory of, EARL SORBY, by ELAINE SIPE, Moorhead, MN, $200

In memory of my brother, JAMES PAUL FILAVSKI, by JOAN ROGHAIR, Alton, IA, $110

In memory of our mother, ELAINE JACOBSON, by THE ELAINE JACOBSON FAMILY, Fort Worth, TX, $50

In memory of my brother, GUY R. TALLEY, by SHARON JOHNSON, Woodside, CA, $100

In memory of my grandmother, IVY SHAW, by NATASHIA SMITH, Valrico, FL, $3.50

In memory of my sister, EVELYN SERSLAND, by HARVEY & LORRAINE HOUCK, Decorah, IA, $50

In memory of, JASON DAHL, by CURT & WANDA DAHL, Watertown, SD, $50

In memory of my wife, JEAN, by RAY SIEGLE, Aberdeen, SD, $100

In memory of my son & daughter in law, GARY & LINDA, by IRMA HEMMINGSEN, Fosston, MN, $20

In memory of my parents, NORMA & BETTY PENTILA, by their son, KEVIN PENTILA, Minneapolis, MN, $50


In memory of, DENNIS BEITELSPACHER, by his wife, AUDREY, Hoven, SD, $10

In memory of my husband, LEROY, by SHIRLEY SKONHORD, Viborg, SD, $20

In memory of my mother, VEDA LARSEN, by JANET HANSEN, Audubon, IA, $100


In memory of my mother, LORRAINE SAMPSON, by JIM & JOAN FREUDENTHAL, Aberdeen, SD, $250

In memory of my husband, JOHN, by LOLA JANNETTA, Duluth, MN, $50

In memory of my, HUSBAND & SON, by DOROTHY VAN KLEY, Sanborn, IA, $250

In memory of my wife, GERRY, by DONALD HLAVINKA, Hazel, SD, $100

In memory of, CAROL IWERKS, by LEE SAUER, Aberdeen, SD, $15

In memory of, REV. ROBERT B. MOULD, by RICH & KAY GARGIULO, Huntington, IN, $20

In memory of, BILLY LANDERS, by TOM LANDERS, Clyde, TX, $100

In memory of my husband, EMANUEL, by BERNICE SUKO, Aberdeen, SD, $50

In memory of my husband, GENE, by VIRGINIA MALDE, Mitchell, SD, $100

In memory of my mother, OLINDA STEVENS, by MINERVA POKORNEY, Lakewood, CO, $120

In memory of my, MOTHER, by DEBRA BAUMAN, Kerkhoven, MN, $600

In memory of my wife, JANET, by DAVID SCHRODER, Ormond Beach, FL, $300

In memory of my husband, OWEN, by LOIS MYHRE, Abercrombie, ND, $200

In memory of, GWEN BERUFORD & MELANIE NOTHDURFT, by MR. & MRS. BOYD KNUDSON, Centerville, SD, $20

In memory of, BOB MCCUNE, by JEFEREY & LINDA DORN, Aberdeen, SD, $50

In memory of, RALPH, by IRENE PLUSH, McLaughlin, SD, $100

In memory of, MR. ERLIN BALS, by JAMES & AUDREY OLSEN, Centerville, SD, $20

In memory of, MILFORD RICHARDS, by THOMAS & PATSY NOORDSY, Sioux Falls, SD, $250

In memory of, NAOMI MCVAY, by BARBARA NIX, Sioux Falls, SD, $250

In memory of, UNCLE RON LARSON, by KIMBERLY COOK, Carrington, ND, $25

In memory of my son, AARON ROBERT HARPER, by SHARON KOSTBOTH HARPER, Sioux Falls, SD, $100

In memory of my brother, JERRY HALLEM, by JAMES HALLEM, Del Rapids, SD, $100

In memory of my husband, ARTHUR, by LILLIAN HAGG, Madison, SD, $200

In memory of, SKE OLESON, by LEE SAUER, Aberdeen, SD, $15

In memory of my father, DUANE HAGEDON, by JUDY HADEDON, Sioux City, IA, $21

In memory of our parents, MR. & MRS. CHARLES MALMSTROM, by CAROL & LAUREL MALMSTROM, Henning, MN, $100

In memory of my husband, SKIP MILTON & daughter, VIOLA MILTON, Kindred, ND, $25

(Any Memorials after 3-25-15 will be listed in the May New Song)


In honor of my husband, EDWIN, celebrating his 86th Birthday, by JOSEPHINE HOFER, Brookings, SD, $100

In honor of my grandma, WILMA STRAUS, celebrating her 99th Birthday, by JOEY YOUNG, Rapid City, SD, $10

In honor of our mother, ARLANE LINDEMANN, by DAVID & KAREN DUUS, Tyler, MN, $75

In honor of, JESUS, by JULIE SMITH, Cumberland, WI, $30

In honor of, WONDERFUL NURSING STAFF, by KATIE MANN, Decatur, IL, $100

In honor of, JESUS CHRIST, by BARBARA CORNELL, Ocala, FL, $160

In honor of our, Anniversary, MR. & MRS. PEDERSEN, Anchorage, AK, $100

In honor of my niece, SHERYL, celebrating her Birthday, by KATIE MANN, Decatur, IL, $100

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM & CWH STAFF, by BARBARA CORNELL, Ocala, FL, $320

In honor of, RONNIE & FAMILY, by RONALD & SHERYL MCLOCHLIN, Logansport, IN, $5

In honor of, LEONARD FAMILY, by LAUREN TOOMER, San Mateo, CA, $25

ANNIVERSARY, offering by, SCOTT BARNES, Luverne, MN, $14.44


In honor of our 65th Anniversary, RUBEN & VIOLA MAGSTADT, Bismarck, ND, $65

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM & STAFF, by AUDREY BARNES, Courtenay, ND, $50

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, & his wonderful punch line preaching, by TED & JUDY THOMPSON, Lafayette, IN, $130

In honor of my dad, NELS JORGENSEN, 89th Birthday, by VALERIE VANDYKE, Elkton, SD, $100

In honor of, SHERYL & BREA, celebrating their Birthday, by KATIE MANN, Decatur, IL, $100

In honor of my son, MATTHEW, celebrating his 50TH Birthday, by INEZ JOHNSON, Willmar, MN, $200

In honor of, MY FAMILY IN ISRAEL, by HEATHER BENJAMIN, Palm Bay, FL, $25

In honor of, MANU WILLIAMS, by CHRISTINA MARTIN, Chicago, IL, $20

In honor of my two wonderful children, KESA & TREY, by MELISSA BROWN, Missoula, MT, $25

In honor of my wife, CHERYL, by DAVID GEER, Grand Forks, ND, $100

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, by LORETTA GERBRACHT, Manito, IL, $50

In honor of, THELMA RICHARDS, celebrating her 93rd Birthday, by THOMAS & PATSY NOORDSY, Sioux Falls, SD, $250

In honor of my, SISTERS, by IVYAL IRWIN, Traverse City, MI, $25

In honor of, JESUS, by BEULAH BJORNRUD, Newfolden, MN, $20

In honor of my mom, ARDATH HINMAN, celebrating her 90th Birthday, by BEVERLY TATE, Mission, SD, $100

(Any Memorials & Dedications after 3-25-15 will be listed in the May New Song)


MARCH 01 "WHAT SEEK YE?" John 1:38-46
MARCH 22 "THE LAMB OF GOD" John 1:19-34


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