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January 2015 

Dear fellow worker of the Christian Worship Hour:

Oft times I hear some believer say, “I wonder if I am really saved? I wonder if I am really going to go to heaven?”

Let me give you 7 reasons why I KNOW I am going to heaven:

  • BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO. God tells us, “He that believeth on the Son HATH everlasting life.” (John 3:36). Try to write it any plainer than that, if we trust in Jesus, we have eternal life. Period. (John 3:18; 5:24).
  • BECAUSE OF THE PERFECT WORK OF CHRIST ON THE CROSS. When Jesus shed His precious blood on the cross, He paid for the sins of the world. St. John tells us that His blood cleanses us from ALL sin, past, present, future! (I John 1:7: 2:9).
  • BECAUSE OF THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. St. Paul tells us “He that hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. (Phil. 1:6). When we accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit enters our life and works in us until we stand at the feet of Jesus. The Holy Spirit never gives up, He never stops working in us. (I Cor. 3:16).
  • BECAUSE WE ARE SEALED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. When we accept Jesus, God puts His seal on us, which is the Holy Spirit, to indicate that we belong to Him. We are His property, and no one can break that seal be it men or angels or the devil himself. (Eph. 1:13, 3:10). So just relax.
  • BECAUSE WE ARE A PART OF CHRIST’S BODY. The very moment we ask Jesus into our heart and life, we become a part of His Body. (Cor. 12:27). We call it the “baptism of the Holy Spirit”, we don’t pray for it because it happens the moment we are born again, or, receive Jesus! (I Cor. 12: 12-31) Rest assured, dear friend, no part of Christ’s Body will ever be in hell and I am part of His Body! I Cor. 12: 12-31).
  • BECAUSE ETERNAL LIFE IS A PRESENT POSSESSION. I hear these people talk about receiving eternal life when they die, but God says we receive eternal life the moment we believe in Him. Jesus tells us in John 5:24 that if we hear His Word and believe on Him, we HAVE everlasting life; we don’t wait for anything, but immediately we have eternal life in us. God doesn’t give eternal life on the ‘lay away’ plan!
  • BECAUSE JESUS HOLDS US IN HIS HAND. Friend, we do not hold onto Jesus, Jesus holds unto us! Listen to Jesus, “they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand”. (John 10:28) But that is not all Jesus said, He also added, “My Father, which gave thim to Me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.” (John 10:29). So there it is — Jesus holds us in His hand and His father takes hold and holds us in His hand so that we are in the Savior’s hand and the Father’s hand! WOW! We are safe and secure. The dumbest thing I have heard is, “What if I break away from God?” You mean you are stronger than God ! Good Grief!

So, we bring the good news to a hurting world. With the economic upheaval and uncertainty around us, it is good to have the good news of the gospel.

And, it is possible because of people like yourself who pray and give. We have no other source of support except God’s people who worship with us and stand by with prayers and gifts.

God bless you! I’m going to be looking for you this weekend!

In our Savior’s love,

Harold E. Salem, pastor

Thank You for Writing...

I hope you and your family and entire congregation are doing well. Through your website, I came across your contact. I am in Eldoret City in Kenya. I am a pastor with a passion for Christ and have a growing fellowship. In Christ’s Service


“I again would like to thank you for all you are doing to spread God’s Word through teaching one verse at a time. I am on active duty with the U.S. Navy and am so pleased the Lord provided for my wife and me to be stationed in Omaha, Nebraska for my last tour before I retire next year. We will be moving back home to Birmingham, Alabama and pray you will be able to arrange your program in Birmingham. I pray the continual blessings on your ministry and look forward to when we will be able to walk the streets of Gold and praise the Lord of Lords. Yours in Christ………”


Our baby boy was born on Sunday morning. He was 6 weeks early but God is gracious to us. The doctor said baby’s birth weight was not bad for a preterm infant (6 pounds) and apart from some problems with feeding, he doesn’t seem to have any other problems caused by being born prematurely. He is still being observed in the hospital. Please continue to pray for us. We will name him John in remembrance of God’s grace. His Chinese name will be Shun Him, which means “have faith in our Savior and be humble”.


I would just like to share something with pastor. I was talking to a man on the phone today, just giving my condolences about his brother dying last week. I asked if his brother knew the Lord. He said his brother has been in the nursing home for some time and had found your program on T.V. My friend Tom has tried witnessing to him for quite some time and the brother wanted nothing to do with it. After listening to you retelling our need for salvation every week, he believes he came to know the Lord. Thank you for continuing to repeat it over and over.


I no longer have the Chapel job here. I let frustration, anger get me out of my faith. Satan uses that tactic on a daily basis here. I get T.V. next week so I’ll finally, after all these months, get to enjoy your wonderful services. “Shootin from the hip”. I’ll see you at the finish line some Great Day. Satan cannot take God out of my Life Sentence.


I very much appreciated your words about a suicide going to heaven if they knew Jesus. My sister had a friend who had a teen son who had a great love and testimony for Jesus. He made the mistake of trying a bad fad from back then----spraying an aerosol into a plastic bag and sniffing it to get some kind of high . He may have sniffed too much for it killed him. From then on his parents were convinced that he went to hell because of his actions. Won’t they be surprised!!!


Dear Pastor Salem and all the wonderful staff at the Christian Worship Hour. I am just a lowly sinner looking for redemption for all my past sins. Your service is a great help in my taking a closer walk with God, and getting a greater understanding of who He is and what he has done for us all. God bless you all.


I wish to thank you and praise God for your untiring ministries. Your weekly quickening messages are truly important for my weak soul and dwindling spirit. Thank you for your spiritual assistance and encouragements. May God richly bless you.


I am a widow. I was married to my husband for 58 years. He died on December 16, 2012. He was a Christian and he is in heaven. I miss him! We lost our four children by miscarriage and I know they are in heaven with him.


Dear Brother Salem, I have been praying for your recovery and hope you are doing well. I listened to your sermon on the internet today and was happy to hear the story of Joseph Scriven. One of my grandfather’s favorite hymns was “Hvilken venn vi har I Jesus” which you cited for us. I hear you joke about people falling asleep while listening to you, but I see a twinkle in your eye. If they are listening, they won’t fall asleep! Thank you again for your continued service for our Lord. May He continue to bless you and your staff. Your friend in Christ.


I often pray that you and the board will be filled with vision and enthusiasm and be renewed with freshness and not be tempted to give up. You folks cannot grow weary! You just can’t let Satan extinguish your zest and fire. Nobody else is doing what you folks are doing. These are the last days and we have to finish well. God will help you to do whatever He asks you to do.


For Pastor Salem and Staff and their wonderful way of spreading the gospel. Thank you so much. We love all of you! You strengthened our faith in the Lord and we walk with Him daily. Praise God from whom blessings flow.



(For the month of January 2015)

"And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me,
Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit,
that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."
(Revelation 14:13)


In memory of, FRIEDA KUSLER, by SPENCER & LISA OPP, Aberdeen, SD, $10

In memory of, FRIEDA KUSLER, by CHAD & BRENDA STAPP, Aberdeen, SD, $25

In memory of, FRIEDA KUSLER, by LOIS FEIOCK, Aberdeen, SD, $10

In memory of my beloved husband, BOB LINDER, by his wife, JANE, Sioux Falls, SD, $100


In memory of my husband, IVAN MATHIS & my grandson, BRADLEY ANDERSON, by ELAINE MATHIS, Watertown, SD, $50

In memory of, ELAINE SOLDBERG, by DAVE & BRENDA SOLBERG, Watertown, SD, $100


In memory of husband, LOUIS, by LORRAINE ZUPANCICH, Chisholm, MN, $125

In memory of wife, KAY, by HERSCHEL MORSE, Linn Grove, IA, $25

In memory of mother, LILLIAN ROSE SUNDBY, by JUDITH FLATEN, Karlstad, MN, $500

In memory of daughter, JAN, by DEAN & SYLVIA FATLAND, Fargo, ND, $15

In memory of, SUE WIESE, by TED WIESE, Beaverton, OR, $300

In memory of parents, ALMEDA & ORLAND FLESHER, BY MICHAEL FLESHER, Leesburg, FL, $20

In memory of, DEAN LYLE, by DENITA CARMAN & MARC MATTHEWS, Billings, MT, $75

In memory of, ANITA GRENGS, by LISA THOMAS, Sherwood, ND, $50


In memory of son, BRUCE KUIKEN, by WANDA KUIKEN, Maurice, IA, $50


In memory of husband, LEE, by DARLENE WRIGHT, S. St. Paul, MN, $20

In memory of sisters, DELMA RASMUSSEN & NORMA MIES, by DONALD ERICKSON, Cavour, SD, $25

In memory of, FRIEDA KULSER, by CARL & DONNA GUSTAFSON, Aberdeen, SD, $20

In memory of, FRIEDA KUSLER, by LEE SAUER, Aberdeen, SD, $15

In memory of, ERNA PIRNER, by FAMILY AND FRIENDS, Pierre, SD, $350

In memory of, ERVIN REUER, by MELVIN & PHOEBE HUBER, Hoven, SD, $50

In memory of brother, ARWIN SNELLER, by FAMILY, Doon, IA, $1000

In memory of, HUSBAND, WILLIS & SON, RANDY, by DOROTHY VAN KLEY, Sanborn, IA, $250

In memory of husband, JAMES, by MURIEL JEFFERY, Fruitdale, SD, $100

In memory of friends, ROLAND SAYLER & BILL PANKRATZ, by ELTON SCHOENWALD, Marion, SD, $75

In memory of brother, LESLIE TUTTLE, by DORIS NATION, Norwalk, IA, $25

In memory of dad, LAVERNE SHAFER, by JOLEEN ANDERSON, Rembrandt, IA, $300

In memory of grandparents, OLE & MABLE RYKHUS, by LINDA SYNDER, Virginia, MN, $100

In memory of, NAOMI MCVAY, by BARBARA NIX, Sioux Falls, SD, $250

In memory of husband, ALVIN, by EVELYN VONHOLDT, Hoyt Lakes, MN, $100

In memory of parents, HELEN & PAUL GLAZE, VERNON & GINI HOUPT, by PAUL & LINDA GLAZE, Payson, AZ, $100

In memory of, JOHN SLOAN, by TIMOTHY KLEIN, Buffalo, MN, $50

In memory of father, EUGENE WELCH, by DARLENE BRANDENBURG, Niangua, MO, $25

In memory of mom, PHYLLIS, by VICKIE REYNOLDS, Missoula, MT, $35

In memory of my dad, JERRY HEAD, & my brother, RICK HEAD, by MARVIN & WANDA RESZLER, Aberdeen, SD, $100

In memory of my dear husband, GLENN LARSON, by his wife, JUANITA, Woonsocket, SD, $1,000

In memory of my husband, VERL CUTLER, by his wife, MARY, Aberdeen, SD, $100

In memory of, VERL CUTLER, by SPENCER & LISA OPP, Aberdeen, SD, $10

In memory of my husband, RAYMOND WIESE, by his wife JOAN, Le Mars, IA, $100

In memory of my brother in law, JAMES GLANZER, by RUBY LEE HOFER, Bridgewater, SD, $100

In memory of, my beautiful AUNT JACKIE, by LAUREN TOOMER, San Mateo, CA, $20

In memory of, GLEN SCHRINER, by JOHN MILLER, Riverton, WY, $200

In memory of, JEAN HAMILTON, by JOSEPH CATAGRONE, Urich, MO, $40

In memory of my father, EDWIN BANE, by BRIDGET BANE, Saint Rose, LA, $15


In memory of my aunt, ROMANA LEE, by ANDREA CLARK, Cherokee, IA In memory of, FLORENCE SCHWANKE, by DON & EILEEN BULLER, Hendricks, MN, $20

In memory of beloved parents, CONLEY & DIXIE AHART, by GARY CHASE, Bedford, TX, $40

In memory of my, PARENTS, by IVYAL IRWIN, Traverse City, MI, $45

In memory of my wife, SHIRLEY, by BILL FRANKS, Grand Haven, MI, $50

In memory of, RICHARD LORWICK, by GLADYS TENNISON, Minneapolis, MN, $25

In memory of husband, WES WOLSKY, by wife, SHIRLEY, Valley City, ND, $200

In memory of husband, HARM LOVERINK, by wife, LOLA LOVERINK, Rose Creek, MN, $125

In memory of, EARL & ETHEL NAUGLE, by LORRIANE KINGLER, Belle Fourche, SD, $25

In memory of my, DAD, passed away October, 2014 at age 87, by JANNA CHOITZ, Hutchinson, KS, $150

In memory of my husband, JOSEPH ARMSTRONG, by his wife, MILDRED, Frannie, WY, $25

In memory of my daughter, JOLENE BALLIRT, by RICHARD & LOIS BALLIET, Carson, ND, $25

In memory of my parents, JOHN “HANS” & RUTH MONZEL, by BARBARA OHLEEN, Webster, SD, $20

In memory of my grandmother, DELLA LARSON, by DONOWAN LARSON, Alcester, SD, $100

In memory of, BILLYE LANDERS, by TOM LANDERS, Clyde, TX, $25

In memory of my husband, HAROLD, by wife, LYDIA MAIER, Billings, MT, $50


In memory of, DUANE, by KATHERINE JOHNSON, Highmore, SD, $100

In honor of my husband, GAYLORD OLSEN, by wife DONNA, Great Bend, KS, $50

In memory of, TILMER LARSON, by BASIL LARSON, Mound City, SD, $50

In memory of, DENNIS KOST, by ANNE & ARLEN MOKE, Mitchell, SD, $20

In memory of my friend, NORMA SCHULZ, by CAROL SMITH, Marco Island, FL, $400

In memory of, MOM & DAD ROEHRBORN, by SUSAN ROEHRBORN, Alexandria, MN, $25

In memory of, GEORGE, by KAREN CARR, Palm Harbor, FL, $50

In memory of my son, JOSH, by his mom JANEEN NORLAND, Bismarck, ND, $50

In memory of, SUE WIESE, by TED WIESE, Beaverton, OR, $100

In memory of, BOBBY MUNYON, by BEVERLY NELSEN, Omaha, NE, $300

In memory of, KIM GROTE, by DONNA & KENDALL HOELLEIN, Aberdeen, SD, $50

In memory of wife, EVELYN EVITT, by her husband, HOWARD, Corydon, IA, $100

In memory of my parents, ALFRED & EUANGELINE YOUNG, by ALFRED & DIXIE YOUNG, Woodway, WA, $100

In memory of our parents, EDWARD & EDNA BROCKMAN & GILBERT & MARGARET KRIE, by DONALD & MARY BROCKMAN, Boone, IA, $100

In memory of, BERNICE BOUMA, by GREGORY & FREDA NORDSTROM, Sioux Falls, SD, $50

In memory of, JENNIE BONNEMA, by GREGORY & FREDA NORDSTROM, Sioux Falls, SD, $50

In memory of my father, ERNEST SOUTHERS, by LAURA COSSEY, Springfield, IL, $1500

In memory of my wife, LUCIE TEGNER, by RAY TEGNER, Hutchinson, MN, $100

In memory of, JERRY HEAD, RICKY HEAD, TONY ROGERS, by LEONE HEAD, Webster, SD, $20

In memory of, CHARLINE OAS, by ELAINE HACKETT, Kenmare, ND, $50

In memory of, WILLIAM KISER, by his wife, ROBERTA KISER, Aberdeen, SD, $60

In memory of husband, BEN LOEBS, by BETTY LOEBS, Britton, SD, $20

In memory of my daughter, MARCIA GISSELBECK, by JO LUTZ, Webster, SD, $50

In memory of, BONNIE SKAFF, by her husband, TOM SKAFF & FAMILY, Sioux Falls, SD, $50

In memory of my beloved parents, ROSS & IRENE BRILLHARF, by JEROME & THELMA COLE, Musselshell, MT, $50

In memory of, BERNICE BOUNCE, by OTTO BOUMA, Luverne, MN, $100

In memory of, HELEN IRWIN, by VERNON & DORIS DAGOBERG, Stephen, MN, $50

In memory of, ROSE HOFMANN & ERMA ZIEGENBALG, by BERNICE KJOS, Sioux Falls, SD, $25

In memory of our daughter, LEIGH DONNA CARR, by GERALD & SUE PENDER, Marshfield, MO, $100

In memory of my wife, DELORES WINTER, by husband, NORVEN WINTER, Boyden, IA, $125

In memory of grandson, AARON, by ROGER THOMPSON, Grand Forks, ND, $50

In memory of, “PAPA” WAYNE LENZ, by DENNIS, DORIS & CHRISTINA WEAKLEND, West Des Moines, IA, $200

In memory of, FRIENDS, by ERMAN & BETTY UELAND, Fertile, MN, $25

In memory of, KATHY PETERSON, by CAROL & LAUREL MALMSTROM, Henning, MN, $25

In memory of husband, FLOYD WHIPKEY, by MARILYN WHIPKEY, Flandreau, SD, $100

In memory of husband, JERRY, & son, MICHAEL, by ARDYTH HERRICK, Billings, MT, $50

In memory of my brother & sister in law, TED & MARIE WEBB, by JOYCE WEBB, Rapid City, SD, $25

In memory of, MAURICE STEIGER, by JUNE STEIGER, Fargo, ND, $100

In memory of, MARY JOHNSON, by RONALD & CAROL JOHNSON, Ramsey, MN, $125

In memory of, MARION COYLE, by son & daughter in law, JAMES & CHARLOTTE COYLE, Omaha, NE, $50

In memory of, ROBIN KNUTTER, by friend, SHARON POOLER, Cameron, MO, $25

In memory of, DON LORENZ, by friend, ROGER & JEANETTE CHAPIN, Clark, SD, $50

(Any Memorials after 12-19-14 will be listed in the February New Song)


In honor of my precious mother, DOROTHY ERICKSON, by FAYE SATKUNAM, Fargo, ND, $25

In honor of our parents, ROBERT & LORETTA JONES & MARTIN & JENATTE KREMER, by DARMON & JANICE JONES, Oakdale, MN, $200

Happy Birthday, JESUS, by SANDRA BUSHNELL, Clyde Park, MT, $100

In honor of baby TAYLOR, having medical issues, by DON FORBES, Jupiter, FL, $50

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, by DAVID SCHRODER, Ormond Beach, FL, $300

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, by GERTRUDE STEVENS, Sioux City, IA, $50

In honor of son, JUSTIN, by BRENDA VEST, Normal, IL, $20

In honor of, SUELLA MAUDLIN, by MRS. GLEN DAVIS, & her good friend MELANIE TAYLOR, Parker, SD, $200

In honor of mom, DENA DAVIS, 90th Birthday, by GLENN & LELA DAVIS, Parker, SD, $90

In honor of, JESUS, by BARBARA CORNELL, $40

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM & CWH STAFF, by FLOYD JUMP, Garner, IA, $150

In honor of, JESUS, born to save sinners, by JOAN BLYTH, $100

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, Birthday, by DENNIS & AUDREY BEITELSPACHER, Hoven, SD, $25

In honor to celebrate the birth of, OUR SAVIOR, by DEAN & DELLA BARRETT, Belton, MO, $150

In honor of, MAVIS BAKKEN, 89th Birthday, Volga, SD, $89

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, by TED & JUDY THOMPSON, Lafayette, IN, $105

In honor of my, MOTHER, celebrating her 80th Birthday, by PAUL GULLICKS, Halma, MN, $100

In honor of my, DAD, by LORI DE JONG, Hospers, IA, $25

In honor of, SAMUEL GEER, celebrating Birthday, December 27th, by DAVID GEER, Grand Forks, ND, $100

In honor of my sister, LILLIE, celebrating her Birthday, by KATIE MANN, Decatur, IL, $100

In honor of, LARRY, MELANIE & HUDSON YANCEY, celebrating Birthdays, by DENNIS TAFF, Van Buren, AR, $20

Honoring, GOD, by JOSEPH NELSON, Wakefield, NE, $120

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, by IONE & RANDY BECK, Eureka, SD, $100

In honor of our 35th Wedding Anniversary, RANDY & VAL CHELLIN, Litchfield, MN, $500

In honor of my, PARENTS, by IVYAL IRWIN, Traverse City, MI, $45

In honor of my, PRECIOUS FAMILY, by CONNIE YARBER, Corinth, MS, $350

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM, by RANDY BURNS, Beaverton, OR, $50

In honor of, GARY KEIM, by DEBBIE RIFFEL, Springfield, MO, $50

In honor of my mom, LORETTA RAU, celebrating her 90th Birthday, by SHRON HOWE, Bertha, MN, $25

In honor of my grandson, DOMINIC BONAR, serving in US ARMY in Kenya Africa, by VICTORIA SCIONE, Des Moines, IA, $20

In honor of, AUNT GLADYS, celebrating her 100th Birthday, December 10th, by DARLENE JORGENSEN, Coleridge, NE, $100

In honor of, AUSTIN, by BOBBI VANDER VEER, Floodwood, MN, $20

In memory of my brother, GUY R. TALLEY, by sister, SHARON JOHONSON, Woodside, CA, $100

In honor of, PASTOR SALEM & CWH TEAM, by BARBARA CORNELL, Ocala, FL, $200

In honor of, BERNIECE SPINELLI, for her witnessing, by DAVID SPINELLI, Aurelia, IA, $20

In honor of our 67th Anniversary on December 24th, CONLEY & DIXIE AHART, Tremont, IL, $500

In honor of my, CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN, by ELSIE ENGER, Sioux Falls, SD, $25

In honor of, FAMILY & FRIENDS, by IVYAL IRWIN, Traverse City, MI, $45

In honor of, GEORGE & ROSE MEYERS, by ANDY & CINDY MEYERS, Aberdeen, SD, $50

In honor of, OUR LORD’S, blessing & birthday, by MICHAEL SCOTT, Ada, MI, $1000



Jan 04 “HELPS ALONG THE WAY” Luke 24:28-32
Jan 18 “PLEASING GOD” Psalm 1:1-6
Jan 25 “WITH WINGS AS EAGLES” Isaiah 40:25-31


Pastor Salem has a new video devotional every Monday which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week continuously. Access by visiting our website:, click on devotionals located on the top of the page. ~Tell your friends~

Jan 05 “Help for the New Year” Philippians 4:13
Jan 12 “He Knows Your Name” Psalm 147:4
Jan 19 “Staying Close to Jesus” Hebrews 13:16
Jan 26 “You Are Important!” Mark 10:43


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