Thank You for Writing…

As one who has been incarcerated for 41 years, I can well tell you that for many, a TV ministry such as yours makes a real impact and a real difference. There are many types of shut-ins in the world and prisoners are a large part of them. Yet those who are shut up in their minds and spirits are the most impoverished of all. Keep preaching, keep teaching and keep serving the living and written Word over the airways. In Jesus Name.


I figure that if at 94 years of age you can stand up for one hour and tell us about salvation in Jesus the Messiah, then we can sit down and continue to support the work with a little donation. So, stay well my dear friend so that we can continue OUR support. Love, Jews for Jesus. PS: We join you in your faithful prayers for the peace of Jerusalem.


It is so wonderful when my 4 and 6 year old grandchildren get to watch Christian Worship Hour with me. It amazes me on the things they pick up on and ask questions about. Yesterday’s discussions were special. Thank you. God bless you.


I thank God for putting you in my life!


The good Lord took our youngest daughter to heaven on Memorial Day this year. Her suffering here on earth is over. I know there has to be a reason why He has chosen 3 of our 5 children to go to heaven at such an early age. We are comforted in knowing they all went to heaven and I am sure we will find out when God chooses. Enclosed is a check in her memory. God’s blessing to you and your family.


You help all the lonely and sick people who have no one to talk to. Thank you.


Thank you all and appreciation for the inspiration. My hellish and broken life has turned around…..I am praising Jesus Christ I am born again.


By “accident” I saw your program today. I am trusting Jesus Christ for salvation and am repenting of my sins as best as I can. Your prayers in these regards would be appreciated.


Me and my wife have recently received Jesus as our Savior. We were born again in the early 1960’s but backslid. Recently while fighting some serious health problems, we both prayed Jesus back into our hearts. Even though we left Jesus, I don’t think He ever left us.


Yes, I realize my need. Yes, I am willing to turn from sin. Yes, I prayed to Jesus to come in my heart and life. Yes, I thanked Him for saving my soul. Thank you for your letter.


My husband and I have started reading the word and praying together and also watching your broadcast together. I have back slid in my Christian life but from your ministry I am getting back on track.


I was born again—watching your TV show a few years ago. Love the ‘New Song’


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