Christian Worship Hour has been spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ since 1979, and we are here to support communities throughout the world with the Gospel. Pastor Harold Salem provides weekly sermons and devotionals to help Christians find hope and peace in the messages the Bible gives us. By reflecting on the eternal promise given to us by Jesus, we want to help our brothers and sisters cut through all the negativity of today’s world and instead, focus on all the blessings we have and those that are to come. We have millions of viewers across the world and want to continue to reach as many as we can through our different ministries, including our TV and radio broadcasts, as well as our sermons available online.

We know how bleak this world can seem, especially with all the negative news we are bombarded with every day. By reaffirming the message of our Lord, we aim to empower believers across the globe to lead meaningful lives and inspire those around them who need to hear truth and hope. Below is our full TV and radio schedule, so no matter where you are, you can tune into Christian Worship Hour. We also offer full sermons that are available to watch online, at any time. Find a sense of renewed faith or share the good word with someone who truly needs to hear it with Christian Worship Hour. 

To learn more about our mission or to donate to our ministry, please reach out to us today. We look forward to bringing a renewed faith to you, your loved ones, and your community through our TV, radio, and online sermons.  

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“CWH TV Schedule 11-18-21”