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05/19/2024What Does Real Love Look Like?I Corinthians 13:4-10
05/12/2024A Mother's WagesExodus 2:1-10
05/05/2024Meet Little Miss What's Her Name?II Kings 5:1-5
04/28/2024Demons: Satan's Secret AgentsEphesians 6:10-12
04/21/2024Angels: God's Secret AgentsMatthew 1:18-25
04/14/2024Our Divine AdvocateMatthew 28:1-10
04/07/2024Go And TellMatthew 28:1-10
03/31/2024Results Of The Resurrection1 Corinthians 15: 20-28
03/24/2024Riding On A DonkeyMark 11:1 - 11
03/17/2024The Passover FeastExodus 12:3-13
03/10/2024The Mind Of ChristPhilippians 2:5-11
03/03/2024The Value Of The SoulMark 8:34-38
02/25/2024Elijah: A Grand Man Who Stood For GodI Kings 18:36-39
02/18/2024Samuel: Nobelest Man In The Old TestamentI Samuel 1:24-28
02/11/2024Moses: A Man Whose Body Was Hidden By GodHebrews 11:23-29
02/04/2024Noah: Great Man Of God In A World Of SinGenesis 6:1-8
01/28/2024Heart Of A Shepherd
01/21/2024Christ's Answer To Man's NeedsJohn 9:1-11
01/14/2024The Christ Of The EternitiesJohn 1:1-14
01/07/2024Certainties For A New YearPhilippians 4:1-7
12/31/2023Some Good Examples For The New YearPhilippians 3:10-14
12/24/2023The Song Of SimeonLuke 2:25-35
12/17/2023The Song Of The AngelsLuke 2:8-14
12/10/2023The Song Of ZachariahLuke 1:67-80
12/03/2023The Song Of MaryLuke 1:46-55
11/26/2023The Ministry Of PrayerMatthew 6:5-8
11/19/2023A Psalm For ThanksgivingPsalm 100
11/12/2023God's Grace In My LifeActs 4:32-37
11/05/2023God's Grace And My FreedomEphesians 2:1-9
10/29/2023Have You Grown Up Spiritually?James 1:1-12
10/22/2023David: Great Sinner, Great SaintI Samuel 17:45-51
10/15/2023Esther: A Shining StarEsther 4:10-17
10/08/2023Daniel: A Man Who Finished WellDaniel 6:16-23
10/01/2023Samuel: A Man Sold Out To GodI Samuel 1:24-28
09/24/2023Pay Back TimeGenesis 45:1-9
09/17/2023From Rags To RichesGenesis 41:39-44
09/10/2023Watch Out For Mrs. PotipharGenesis 39:5-12
09/03/2023Joseph: Triumphant Through TrialsGenesis 37:1-8
08/27/2023The Prodigal SonLuke 15:11-24
08/20/2023The Pearl Of Great PriceMatthew 13:45-46
08/13/2023The Ten VirginsMatthew 25:1-13
08/06/2023The Treasure HiddenMatthew 13:44
07/30/2023Guard That Soul!I Peter 1:3-9
07/23/2023The Christian SoldierEphesians 6:10-17
07/16/2023Our Oneness in ChristJohn 17:9-13
07/09/2023The Greatest Verse In The BibleJohn 3:16-21
07/02/2023The Believer's CitizenshipRomans 13:1-7
06/25/2023Psalm Ninety-FivePsalm 95:1-7
06/18/2023A Royal Father's Last WordsI Kings 2:1-4
06/11/2023Got Money? Watch Out!James 4:1-6
06/04/2023Liar! Liar! Tongue On Fire!James 3:5-10
05/28/2023What Is Heaven Really Like?Revelation 21:1-7
05/21/2023Will We Know Our Loved Ones In Heaven?Luke 24:27-35
05/14/2023Let Me Tell You About My MotherII Timothy 1:1-11
05/07/2023The Blessings Of DeathPhilippians 1:21-26
04/30/2023Lord, Teach Us To PrayMatthew 6:5-15
04/23/2023How To Look BeautifulRomans 12:9-20
04/16/2023Trusting The Risen ChristMatthew 6:25-34
04/09/2023The Savior As The Risen ChristJohn 20:11-18
04/02/2023The Savior As King of KingsMark 11:1-11
03/26/2023The Savior As The Lamb Of GodJohn 19:23-30
03/19/2023The Beautiful SaviorIsaiah 53:3-11
03/12/2023There Is Gold In The FireJames 1:1-12
03/05/2023Rejoicing In Old AgePhilippians 3:7-16
02/26/2023The Bible And ProphecyEzekiel 26:11-14
02/19/2023The Bible And SciencePsalm 8:1-9
02/12/2023The Bible And ArchaeologyMatthew 24:32-42
02/05/2023The Bible And GodPsalm 119:81-96
01/29/2023Satan ExposedIsaiah 14:12-17
01/22/2023The Vine And The BranchesJohn 15:1-8
01/15/2023Jesus Prays For UsJohn 17:12-19
01/08/2023Help In Time Of TroubleJohn 16:7-11
01/01/2023Help For The New YearJohn 10:27-30
12/24/2022Listen! Listen!Luke 2:8-14
12/11/2022Where Is He?Matthew 2:1-12
12/04/2022God's Little FlockLuke 12:22-32
11/27/2022When Jesus Comes Again1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
11/20/2022When The Apostles Gave Thanks1 Thessalonians 1:2-7
11/13/2022A Soft Pillow For A Weary HeadRomans 8:35-39
11/06/2022The Christian And A Hostile WorldJohn 15:18-25
10/30/2022The Jericho RoadLuke 10:30-37
10/23/2022Create In Me A Clean HeartPsalm 51:1-4
10/16/2022I'm Not Afraid Any MoreMatthew 28:16-20
10/09/2022The Anchor Of The SoulHebrews 6:13-20
10/02/2022Pattern Of A PastorJohn 16:16-22
09/25/2022The Unpardonable SinMatthew 12:22-32
09/18/2022When Isaiah Said "Yes" To GodIsaiah 6:1-8
09/04/2022A Checklist for GodlinessRomans 12:14-21
08/28/2022Then Jesus CameJohn 11:38-46
08/21/2022I Am The VineJohn 15:1-14
08/14/2022I Am The Way To GodJohn 14:1-6
08/07/2022I Am The Resurrection And The LifeJohn 11:14-29
07/31/2022I am the Good ShepherdJohn 10:14-21
07/24/2022I am the DoorJohn 10:7-14
07/17/2022Before Abraham Was, I amJohn 8:51-59
07/14/2019I Am The Light Of The WorldJohn 8:12-24
07/07/2019The Bread of LifeJohn 6:30-40
06/26/2022Psalm Ninety-EightPsalm 98:1-9
06/19/2022The King Is ComingZechariah 14:4-7
06/12/2022The Saintly CaptiveDaniel 6:16-23
06/05/2022The Sustaining GodMatthew 6:25-34
05/29/2022The Baptism Of The Holy SpiritJohn 16:7-15
05/22/2022When You Pass Through The WaterIsaiah 43:1-7
05/15/2022A Sermon To Shut-InsPsalm 23
05/08/2022A Woman Whom Jesus PraisedMark 12:41-44
05/01/2022I Know My Redeemer LivethJob 19:23-27
04/24/2022Five Lovely Songs Of EasterJohn 20:11-18
04/17/2022Christ Is Risen, Now What?Matthew 28:1-10
04/10/2022Behold, Your KingActs 2:29-32
04/03/2022Night Of AgonyLuke 22:39-46
03/27/2022The Uplifting ChristJohn 12:23-33
03/20/2022The Importance Of ForgivingMatthew 18:21-35
03/13/2022The Two DebtorsLuke 7:41-50
03/06/2022The Glorious Forgiveness Of GodColossians 2:13-17
02/20/2022Do You Have Moral Insanity?Luke 12:16-21
02/13/2022Angels: Where Did They Come From?Colossians 1:12-19
02/06/2022Somebody Loves YouPsalm 23
01/30/2022The Lord Hath BlessedPsalm 34:1-8
01/23/2022The Raising Of LazarusJohn 11:32-44
01/16/2022How To Praise GodColossians 3:1-4
01/09/2022Faith And The FutureHebrews 11:1-7
01/02/2022God's Advice For The New YearProverbs 3:1-6
12/26/2021Where Is He? In Heaven Interceding For UsHebrews 7:23-28
12/19/2021Where Is He? In The Manger Of BethlehemLuke 2:15-20
12/12/2021Where Is He? In The Song Of The AngelsLuke 2:8-14
12/05/2021Where Is He? In The Annunciation Of GabrielLuke 1:26-38
11/28/2021Where Is He? In The Message Of The ProphetsMatthew 1:18-25
11/21/2021Thanksgiving The Year Of The DroughtHabakkuk 3:17-19
11/14/2021Jesus, The Only WayJohn 14:1-6
11/07/2021The Great Business Of Being A ChristianI Thessalonians 5:12-25
10/31/2021When The Storm Clouds RollJohn 6:5-21
10/18/2021Angels: You Better Believe ItActs 12:5-11
10/10/2021Tithing: Whose Idea Was It?Malachi 3:7-11
10/03/2021Whose Child Is This?Mark 10:13-16
09/26/2021I Walk With The KingMatthew 4:18-22
09/19/2021A Pastor's Prayer For His PeopleEphesians 2:1-10
09/12/2021When We PrayMatthew 6:5-8
09/05/2021The Sharing And Bearing Of BurdensGalatians 6:1-10
08/29/2021When God Says NoII Corinthians 12:7-10
08/22/2021Saul: An Amazing ConversionActs 22:6-11
08/15/2021Joseph: Rich man From ArimathaeaMark 15:42-46
08/08/2021Noah: Lessons From His ArkGenesis 6:1-8
08/01/2021Abraham: A Man Who Believed GodHebrews 11:8-19
07/25/2021All Things Work Together For GoodRomans 8:28-34
07/18/2021What Is Truth?Psalms 119:97-104
07/11/2021The Work Of The Holy SpiritJohn 16:7-15
07/04/2021The Witness Of The GospelJohn 1:6-14
06/20/2021Psalms Ninety-SevenPsalm 97:1-12
06/13/2021Moses, Man Of Many TrialsDeuteronomy 34:1-8
06/06/2021Christian: Go For The GoldPhilippians 3:7-14
05/30/2021The Wonderful JesusPhilippians 2:5-11
05/23/2021Ruth And A Man Named BoazRuth 4:13-17
05/16/2021Jonah And The FishJonah 2:1-10
05/09/2021Jochebed And Her BabyHebrews 11:23-29
05/02/2021Daniel And The LionsDaniel 6:16-23
04/26/2021Why Do The Righteous Suffer?Hebrews 12:3-13
04/18/2021Beating TemptationMatthew 26:31-41
04/11/2021Dealing With DiscouragementPsalm 42:1-6
04/04/2021Restoration Of The Joy Of SalvationPsalm 51:1-13
03/28/2021The Transforming Power Of The ResurrectionPhilippians 1:21-30
03/21/2021Earth's Coming KingPsalm 2:1-12
03/14/2021Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My SpiritLuke 23:44-49
03/07/2021Christ And Him CrucifiedI Corinthians 1:18-25
02/28/2021The Footsteps Of JesusI Peter 2:21-25
02/21/2021The Upward Steps Of PeterLuke 22:54-62
02/14/2021The Downward Steps Of PeterMatthew 26:31-35 & 69-75
02/07/2021Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?I John 4:1-10
01/31/2021When Peter Walked On WaterMatthew 14:22-33
01/24/2021Getting On The InsideJohn 16:7-15
01/17/2021The Power of God's WordPsalm 119:9-16
01/10/2021Our Glorious SaviorPeter 1:15-21
01/03/2021A Guide For The New YearPsalm 23
12/27/2020Christ Came To Provide The Redeemed With A High PriestHebrews 7:91-28
12/20/2020Christ Came To Demonstrate The Love Of GodLuke 2:1-7
12/13/2020Christ Came To Provide A Sacrifice For SinHebrews 9:11-15
12/06/2020Christ Came To Fulfill ProphecyGenesis 3:14-19
11/29/2020Christ Came To Reveal The Invisible GodJohn 1:1-18
11/22/2020Will A Man Rob God?Malachi 3:7-18
11/15/2020When Paul And Silas Gave ThanksActs 16:25-34
11/08/2020Complete In ChristColossians 2:4-12
11/01/2020The Tree On Which The Savior DiedLuke 23:44-49
10/25/2020The Christian's InheritanceI Peter 1:3-9
10/18/2020What Must I Not Do To Be Saved?Luke 15:11-24
10/11/2020The Beauty Of The LordPsalm 90:8-17
10/04/2020Money MattersLuke 12:16-21
09/20/2020The Soul's Quest For GodPhilippians 3:7-16
09/13/2020Let Me Tell You Something About HeavenJohn 14:1-6
09/08/2020Where Are The Dead?Luke 16:19-31
08/30/2020Take Time To PrayHebrews 11:1-10
08/23/2020Life Which Becomes The GospelPhilippians 1:21-30
08/16/2020Elisha: Great Prophet Of GodII Kings 2:8-15
08/09/2020Job: Pure GoldJob 23:1-10
08/02/2020Almost A ChristianMark 12:28-34
07/26/2020Seven Complaints Of GodMalachi 3:7-12
07/19/2020Pay Day Some DayMatthew 25:14-30
07/12/2020The Eyes Of The LordPsalm 139:1-12
07/05/2020Guidelines For GodlinessRomans 12:1-2 & 9-21
06/28/2020The Book The World NeedsII Timothy 3:12-17
06/21/2020Psalm Ninety-SixPsalm 96:1-6
06/14/2020The Steps Of A Good ManPsalm 37:23-34
06/07/2020You Can Have A Vision Of GodIsaiah 6:1-8
05/31/2020Is There Any Good News From God?Philippians 4:4-13
05/24/2020How Do We Grow Spiritually?II Peter 3:14-18
05/03/2020Meet Little Miss What's Her NameII Kings 5:1-5
02/16/2020Samuel: Noblest Man In The Old Testament1 Samuel 1:24-28
12/29/2019Some Good Examples For 2019Philippians 3:10-14
09/15/2019What A Difference A Day MakesJohn 21:9-17
01/01/2017Some Good Examples For 2017Philippians 3:10-14
06/26/2016Psalm Ninety-Five!Psalms 95:1-7
12/27/2015The Believer's Position In ChristEphesians 2:1-10
11/01/2015The Christian In A Hostile WorldJohn 15:18-25
10/11/2015Our Blessing In ChristColossians 3:1-4
10/04/2015Foolish BraveryJeremiah 36:20-25
09/20/2015Our Unsearchable Riches In ChristEphesians 3:7-12
09/13/2015Can I Lose My Salvation?John 10:27-31
09/06/2015The Immortal Box of OintmentJohn 12:1-8
08/30/2015When Moses Went HomeDeuteronomy 34:1-8
08/23/2015A Question AnsweredJohn 6:60-69
08/16/2015A House Not Made With Hands2 Corinthians 5:1-9
08/09/2015What Is The New Birth?John 3:1-8
08/02/2015I Have Found The Book!2 Chronicles 34:14-21
07/19/2015The Precious Blood of Jesus1 Peter 1:17-25
07/12/2015Why The World Hates The ChristianJohn 15:18-25
07/05/2015A Call To The NationsMatthew 24:36-42
06/28/2015The Judgement Of Believers2 Corinthians 5:1-13
06/21/2015Psalm Ninety-FourPsalm 94:11-15
06/14/2015A Father Who CaresJob 1:1-12
06/07/2015The Greatest InvitationMatthew 11:28-30
05/31/2015The Marks of a Foolish ManLuke 12:16-21
05/24/2015The Good and Bad About ForgettingPhilippians 3:7-16
05/17/2015No Man Cared For My SoulPsalm 142
05/10/2015A Tribute to Mothers2 Timothy 1:1-11
05/03/2015The Moment of TruthRevelation 3:14-22
04/26/2015Jesus Delivers a DemoniacLuke 8:26-39
04/19/2015When Faith Almost FailsPsalm 73:1-11
04/12/2015The Bible, Gods WordPsalm 119:89-104
04/05/2015Our Hope Through the Risen ChristMatthew 28:1-8
03/29/2015Hosannas and TearsLuke 19:28-44
03/22/2015The Lamb of GodJohn 1:19-34
03/15/2015The Souls Climb To GodPsalm 24:1-10
03/08/2015What Seek Ye?John 1:38-46
03/01/2015One Thing Thou LackestMark 10:17-22
02/22/2015The Story Of The Great SupperLuke 22:1-14
02/15/2015Where Art Thou?Genesis 3:8-13
02/08/2015Death€¦What Then?Luke 16:19-31
02/01/2015Man's Greatest NeedMark 8:34-38
01/25/2015With Wings As EaglesIsaiah 40:25-31
01/18/2015Pleasing GodPsalm 1:1-6
01/11/2015An Unfailing Source of StrengthPsalm 18:1-6
01/04/2015Helps Along the WayLuke 24:28-32
12/28/2014The Results of His ComingHebrews 10:11-25
12/21/2014The Star Points to His ComingMatthew 2:1-12
12/14/2014The Angels Announce His ComingLuke 2:8-16
12/07/2014The Promise of His ComingGenesis 3:14-19
11/30/2014Finding God's WillProverbs 3:1-12
11/23/2014The Need to be ThankfulPsalm 100:1-5
11/16/2014Ezekiel: Loyalty to God At All CostEzekiel 24:15-27
11/09/2014Hezekiah: Israel's Greatest King2 Kings 18:1-7
11/02/2014Solomon: Man of Wisdom and Foolishness1 Kings 3:5-15
10/26/2014Grace ServingZechariah 4:1-10
10/19/2014Grace Giving2 Corinthians 8:1-15
10/12/2014Grace Illustrated2 Samuel 9:1-7
10/05/2014Grace Defined2 Samuel 9:1-7
09/28/2014That I Might Know HimEphesians 2:1-9
09/21/2014The Powerful Ministry of PrayerLuke 22:31-34
09/07/2014Jesus, Greater Than All Our SinsHebrews 10:11-25
08/31/2014Jesus, Greater Than MelchisedecHebrews 7:1-10
08/24/2014Jesus, Greater Than AaronHebrews 5:1-10
08/17/2014Jesus, Greater Than MosesHebrews 3:1-6
08/10/2014Jesus, Greater Than The AngelsHebrews 2:9-18
08/03/2014Jesus, Greater Than The ProphetsHebrews 1:1-3
07/27/2014Why Doesn't God Always Say €˜Yes'?Matthew 26:36-46
07/20/2014The Healing of the Man Born BlindJohn 9:1-11
07/13/2014He Careth For YouMatthew 6:25-34
07/06/2014Your God is Too SmallPsalm 90:1-12
06/29/2014A Sermon to All Nations2 Chronicles 7:12-14
06/22/2014Psalm 93Psalm 93:1-5
06/15/2014Joshua, Servant of the LordJoshua 1:1-7
06/08/2014Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost?Romans 8:35-39
06/01/2014Have I Committed The Unpardonable Sin?Matthew 12:22-32
05/25/2014Our Most Valuable PossessionMark 8:34-38
05/18/2014The Christian and the CrossMatthew 16:21-27
05/11/2014What Does True Love Look Like?1 Corinthians 13:1-13
05/04/2014Jesus Is Coming Again1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
04/27/2014The Power of the Risen ChristPhilippians 3:10-16
04/20/2014The Victorious ChristRevelation 1:9-18
04/13/2014Why the World Hates the CrossMatthew 27:27-37
02/02/2014Who Owns The Store Anyway?Psalm 24:1-10
01/26/2014Hitherto Hath The Lord Helped1 Samuel 7:9-14
01/12/2014What Happens When I Die?Luke 16:19-31
01/05/2014In Jesus Name We Press OnPhilippians 3:10-14
12/29/2013The Promise of the Immutable GodHebrews 6:13-20
12/15/2013Praise to the SaviorLuke 2:8-14
12/08/2013Gifts that Money Can't BuyRomans 12:9-21
12/01/2013God So Loved the WorldJohn 3:14-21
11/24/2013The Giving of Thanks in a StormPsalm 100
11/17/2013Why I Believe the Bible is the Word of GodPsalm 119:89-96
10/27/2013Alas! There is a Hell After AllRevelation 20:7-15
10/20/2013Home At Last!John 14:1-6
10/13/2013The Joy of Death for the Believer2 Corinthians 5:1-9
10/06/2013When Death Comes to Your Door2 Timothy 4:1-8
09/29/2013The New Heaven and EarthRevelation 21:1-8
09/22/2013The End Times: Battle of Armageddon, The MilleniumIsaiah 65:17-25
09/15/2013The End Times: The TribulationMatthew 24:21-26
09/08/2013The End Times: The Anti-Christ, The Great Tribulation2 Thessalonians 2:8-12
09/01/2013The End Times: Rapture, Judgement Seat of Christ, Marriage Feast of the Lamb1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
08/18/2013I Am The WayJohn 13:36 - John 14:6
07/07/2013I am the Bread of LifeJohn 6:31-40
06/30/2013Are You Really Free?John 8:31-36
06/23/2013Psalm Ninety-TwoPsalm 92:1-5
06/16/2013The Marks of a Godly ManPsalm 1:1-6
06/09/2013The Potter's Work on the WheelsJeremiah 18:1-11
06/02/2013Jesus, My Wonderful FriendJohn 15:7-14
05/26/2013Poking Holes in the DarknessMatthew 5:1-16
05/19/2013Saved! And a Lot MoreEphesians 2:1-10
05/12/2013My Mother's BiblePsalm 119:9-16
05/05/2013He is Coming AgainMatthew 24:32-44
04/28/2013The Miracle of the Nobleman's SonJohn 4:46-54
04/21/2013The Miracle of the Healing of the ParalyticJohn 5:1-14
04/14/2013The Miracle of the Feeding of the Five ThousandJohn 6:1-14
04/07/2013The Miracle of Turning Water Into WineJohn 2:1-11
03/31/2013The Devil's Attack on the Resurrection1 Corinthians 15:51-57
03/24/2013Christ is King! Of What?Matthew 21:1-11
03/17/2013The TreeMatthew 27:27-37
03/10/2013Our Beautiful SaviorPsalm 23:1-6
03/03/2013God Talks About MoneyGenesis 14:17-24
02/24/2013Tell Me the Story of ZacchaeusLuke 19:1-10
02/17/2013Tell Me the Story of the LaborersMatthew 20:1-16
02/10/2013Tell Me the Story of the Midnight FriendLuke 11:5-13
02/03/2013Tell Me the Story of Adam and EveGenesis 3:1-7
01/27/2013A GLIMPSE OF HEAVENRevelation 21:1-7
01/20/2013THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVENJohn 14:1-6
01/06/2013OUR GREAT AND WONDERFUL GODRevelation 4:6-11
12/30/2012The Message of Christmas PastPsalm 18:1-6
12/23/2012The Message of Christmas from Bethlehems StallIsaiah 9:1-7
12/16/2012The Message of Christmas from the ShepherdsPsalm 71:1-5
12/09/2012The Message of Christmas from the AngelMatthew 1:18-25
12/02/2012The Message of Christmas from the StarMatthew 2:1-12
11/25/2012The Ministry of Helping OthersPhilippians 2:1-11
11/18/2012The Blessings of Being ThankfulPsalm 100:1-5
10/28/2012Myself and Gods GloryJohn 15:1-14
10/21/2012Abraham and Gods GloryHebrews 11:8-19
10/14/2012Noah and Gods GloryGenesis 6:5-10
10/07/2012God and His GloryExodus 33:12-23
09/30/2012Sins Against the Holy SpiritEphesians 4:30-32
09/23/2012The Fruit of the Holy SpiritGalatians 5:16-26
09/16/2012The Gifts of the Holy Spirit1 Corinthians 12:1-14
09/02/2012The Person of the Holy SpiritJohn 14:16-26
08/26/2012Security of a ChristianJohn 10:22-30
08/19/2012Marks of a ChristianRomans 12:1-16
08/05/2012Becoming a ChristianExodus 12:1-13
07/29/2012THE COMFORTING CHRISTJohn 14:1-6
07/08/2012BE STRONG AND OF A GOOD COURAGEJoshua 1:1-9
07/01/2012A VISION OF GODIsaiah 6:1-8
06/24/2012Psalm Ninety-OnePsalm 91:1-16
06/17/2012A Father's AdviceProverbs 23: 15-26
06/10/2012The Woman Who Married the Wrong Man1 Samuel 25:2-3
05/27/2012CHRIST'S POVERTY: MY RICHES!2 Corinthians 8:7-15
05/13/2012A WOMAN JESUS PRAISEDMark 12:41-44
05/06/2012WHEN JESUS CALMED THE STORMJohn 6:15-21
04/29/2012OPENING BLIND EYESJohn 9:1-11
04/15/2012STRIVING TO BE LIKE CHRISTRomans 12:1-2, 9-21
04/08/2012I Am Not Afraid Anymore!Matthew 28:1-10, 16-20
04/01/2012THERE THEY CRUCIFIED HIMLuke 23:32-47
03/25/2012THE STORY OF ESTHER AND MORDECAIEsther 4:10-17
03/18/2012EZEKIEL AND THE VALLEY OF DRY BONESEzekiel 37:1-10
03/11/2012Job and Mrs Whats-Her-NameJob 2:1-10
03/04/2012Baalam and His Donkey that TalkedNumbers 22:21-35
02/19/2012THE BELIEVER AND THE LOSTRomans 10:8-17
02/12/2012THE BELIEVERS POSITIONEphesians 2:1-10
02/05/2012Jesus Only Hope of SinnersLuke 7:36-50
01/29/2012THAT WONDERFUL NEW LIFE2 Corinthians 5:14-21
01/22/2012THE DEMONIAC OF GADARAMark 5:1-20
01/15/2012THE HEART OF THE GOSPELJohn 3:11-21
01/08/2012The Eternal ChristHebrews 13:5-16
01/01/2012New Road AheadJoshua 3:5-17
12/25/2011God's Gift to Us: HopeMatthew 1:18-25
12/18/2011God's Gift to Us: LoveLuke 2:15-20
12/11/2011God's Gift to Us: JoyLuke 2:8-14
12/04/2011God's Gift to Us: ForgivenessLuke 2:1-7
11/20/2011In Everything, Give Thanks (Thanksgiving Day)1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
11/06/2011The Ugly World of the DemonsEphesians 6:10-20
10/30/2011The Story of Two DebtorsLuke 7:44-50
10/23/2011Our Promise That Forever Blesses UsRomans 8:28-39
10/16/2011The Precious Blood of Christ1 Peter 1:13-19
10/09/2011Our Blessings In JesusColossians 3:1-4
10/02/2011Samson and the Little Philistine BoyJudges 16:23-31
09/25/2011The Challenging of a DiscipleJohn 21:20-25
09/18/2011The Equipping of a DiscipleJohn 16:16-22
09/11/2011The Maturing of a DiscipleJohn 15:1-4
09/04/2011The Making of a DiscipleJohn 8:1-11
08/28/2011I Believe the Bible Because of Its Power to Change Lives2 Corinthians 5:14-21
08/21/2011I Believe the Bible Because of Its Scientific AccuracyGenesis 1:1-5
08/14/2011I Believe the Bible is The Word of God, Because of Fulfilled ProphecyEzekiel 26:3-6
08/07/2011I Believe the Bible is The Word of God, Because It Is a Miraculous Book2 Timothy 3:12-17
07/24/2011Five Keys to Successful LivingPhilippians 3:10-14
07/17/2011When God Says No to Our Prayers2 Corinthians 12:7-10
07/03/2011A Message for AmericaMatthew 24:36-46
06/26/2011Psalm 90 (Pastor's Birthday)Psalm 90:1-12
06/19/2011A Father Who Cares (Fathers Day)Psalm 1:1-6
06/12/2011Death Then What?Luke 16:19-31
05/08/2011A Mother's Wages (Mothers Day)Exodus 2:1-10
05/01/2011God's Blueprint for Giving1 Corinthians 15:58 - 16:1-3
04/24/2011The Transforming Power of the Risen Christ (Easter Sunday)Philippians 1:18-20
04/17/2011The King is Coming (Palm Sunday)Mark 11:1-11
04/03/2011How Eternal is Our SalvationRomans 8:35-39
02/27/2011Joseph: Payback Time!Genesis 45:1-9
02/20/2011Joseph: From Rags to RichesGenesis 41:39-44
02/13/2011Joseph: Watch out for Mrs. Potiphar!Genesis 39:1-12
01/30/2011Who Will Pay Our DebtsRomans 6:14-23

What Does Real Love Look Like?

  • I Corinthians 13:4-10
  • 05/19/2024

I Corinthians 13:4-10 What does real love look like? Anything that pertains to Christian love. Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

A Mother's Wages

  • Exodus 2:1-10
  • 05/12/2024

Exodus 2:1-10 Do mothers sacrifice for their children? Do mothers work alone? Does God reward Christian mothers? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

Meet Little Miss What's Her Name?

  • II Kings 5:1-5
  • 05/05/2024

II Kings 5:1-5 Are outward appearances deceptive? Do we ever know how God will use our witness? Must we never question God? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

Demons: Satan's Secret Agents

  • Ephesians 6:10-12
  • 04/28/2024

Ephesians 6:10-12 Are demons under Satan’s direction? Can demons possess Christians? Do demons tempt us with sin? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

Angels: God's Secret Agents

  • Matthew 1:18-25
  • 04/21/2024

Matthew 1:18-25 Will Jesus intercede for us? Is Jesus our high priest? Does Jesus know how we feel? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES