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12/04/2022God's Little FlockLuke 12:22-32
11/27/2022When Jesus Comes Again1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
11/20/2022When The Apostles Gave Thanks1 Thessalonians 1:2-7
11/13/2022A Soft Pillow For A Weary HeadRomans 8:35-39
11/06/2022The Christian And A Hostile WorldJohn 15:18-25
10/30/2022The Jericho RoadLuke 10:30-37
10/23/2022Create In Me A Clean HeartPsalm 51:1-4
10/16/2022I'm Not Afraid Any MoreMatthew 28:16-20
10/09/2022The Anchor Of The SoulHebrews 6:13-20
10/02/2022Pattern Of A PastorJohn 16:16-22
09/25/2022The Unpardonable SinMatthew 12:22-32
09/18/2022When Isaiah Said "Yes" To GodIsaiah 6:1-8
09/11/2022What A Difference A Day MakesJohn 21:9-17
09/04/2022A Checklist For GodlinessRomans 12:14-21
08/28/2022Then Jesus CameJohn 11:38-46
08/21/2022I Am The VineJohn 15:1-14
08/14/2022I Am The Way To GodJohn 14:1-6
08/07/2022I Am The Resurrection And The LifeJohn 11:14-29
07/24/2022I am the DoorJohn 10:7-14
07/17/2022Before Abraham Was, I Am
07/10/2022I Am The Light Of The World
07/03/2022The Bread Of Life
06/26/2022Psalm Ninety-Eight
06/19/2022The King Is Coming
06/12/2022The Saintly Captive
06/05/2022The Sustaining God
05/29/2022The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
05/22/2022When You Pass Through The Water
05/15/2022A Sermon To Shut-Ins
05/08/2022A Woman Whom Jesus Praised
05/01/2022I Know My Redeemer Liveth
04/24/2022Five Lovely Songs Of Easter
04/17/2022Christ Is Risen, Now What?
04/10/2022Behold, Your King
04/03/2022Night Of Agony
03/27/2022The Uplifting Christ
03/20/2022The Importance Of Forgiving
03/13/2022The Two Debtors
03/06/2022The Glorious Forgiveness Of God
02/20/2022Do You Have Moral Insanity?
02/13/2022Angels: Where Did They Come From?
02/06/2022Somebody Loves You
01/30/2022The Lord Hath Blessed
01/23/2022The Raising Of Lazarus
01/16/2022How To Praise God
01/09/2022Faith And The Future
01/02/2022God's Advice For The New Year
12/26/2021Where Is He? In Heaven Interceding For Us
12/19/2021Where Is He? In The Manger Of Bethlehem
12/12/2021Where Is He? In The Song Of The Angels
12/05/2021Where Is He? In The Annunciation Of Gabriel
11/28/2021Where Is He? In The Message Of The Prophets
11/21/2021Thanksgiving The Year Of The Drought
11/14/2021Jesus, The Only Way
11/07/2021The Great Business Of Being A Christian
10/31/2021When The Storm Clouds Roll
10/24/2021Angels: God's Secret Agents
10/17/2021Angels: You Better Believe It
10/10/2021Tithing: Whose Idea Was It?
10/03/2021Whose Child Is This?
09/26/2021I Walk With The King
12/04/2022A Pastor's Prayer For His PeopleLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022When We PrayLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Sharing and Bearing of BurdensLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022When God Says NoLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Saul: An Amazing ConversionLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Joseph: Rich Man From ArimathaeaLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Noah: Lessons From His ArkLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Abraham: A Man Who Believed GodLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022All Things Work Together For GoodLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022What Is Truth?Luke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Work Of The Holy SpiritLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Witness Of The GospelLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Believer's CitizenshipLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Psalms Ninety-SevenLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Moses, Man Of Many TrialsLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Christian: Go For The GoldLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Wonderful JesusLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Ruth And A Man Named BoazLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Jonah And The FishLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Jockebed And Her BabyLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Daniel And The LionsLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Why Do The Righteous Suffer?Luke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Beating TemptationLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Dealing With DiscouragementLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Restoration Of The Joy Of SalvationLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Transforming Power Of The ResurrectionLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Earth's Coming KingLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My SpiritLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Christ And Him CrucifiedLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Footsteps Of JesusLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Upward Step Of PeterLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Downward Steps Of PeterLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?Luke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Getting On The InsideLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Power Of God's WordLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Our Glorious SaviorLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Vision Of IsaiahLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022A New Year, I'm Not AfraidLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022God's Gift To Us: HopeLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022God's Gift To Us: LoveLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022God's Gift To Us: JoyLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022God's Gift To Us: ForgivenessLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The World Of The DemonsLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022King David's Thank-You To GodLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022A Prayer That God RejectedLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Jesus, My Wonderful FriendLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Filling Of The Holy SpiritLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Lord's JewelsLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Ministry Of PrayerLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Safe At HomeLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Now I Lay Me Down To SleepLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Sampson And The Little Philistine BoyLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Story Of Rahab And The SpiesLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Joseph: Jesus Of The Old TestamentLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Job: A Faith That Could Not Be ShakenLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Be Strong And Of Good CourageLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Story Of Two Graveyards In EgyptLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Helping People To Come To Know JesusLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022What About The Harvest?Luke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Ministry of Helping OthersLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022God's Blueprint for LivingLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Security of the ChristianLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022A Father's AdviceLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Psalm Ninety-NineLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Hezekiah: Israel's Greatest KingLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022A Vision of GodLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Where Will Your Road Lead?Luke 12:22-32
12/04/2022The Prodigal SonLuke 12:22-32
12/04/2022Encouragement for Small Church PastorsLuke 12:22-32

God's Little Flock

  • Luke 12:22-32
  • 12/04/2022

Luke 12:22-32 Is God’s little flock favored? Is God’s little flock safe? Is God’s little flock a purchased possession? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

When Jesus Comes Again

  • 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
  • 11/27/2022

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Will the return of Jesus be personal? Can the return of Jesus happen any time? Will the return of Jesus be wonderful for the believer? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

When The Apostles Gave Thanks

  • 1 Thessalonians 1:2-7
  • 11/20/2022

1 Thessalonians 1:2-7 Was Paul’s thanks shared with his companions? Was Paul’s thanks a continual thanks? Was Paul’s thanks accompanied by prayer? Was Paul’s thanks for God? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

A Soft Pillow For A Weary Head

  • Romans 8:35-39
  • 11/13/2022

Romans 8:35-39 Hard things happen to all of us. Can we decide how they affect us? Does God’s promise unfold, ‘in His time’? Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES

The Christian And A Hostile World

  • John 15:18-25
  • 11/06/2022

John 15:18-25 Live in the atmosphere of love. Live in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Live in the anticipation of Jesus coming again. Be willing to suffer for the Gospel. Audio Version Of This Sermon #cwhHES