• Scripture: Isaiah 55:11
  • Broadcast Date: 10/25/2014

Pastors of small churches please take some time to listen to this message of encouragement. Listed below are some verses Pastor Salem talks about and following are some of the topics touched upon. This video is a little over 52 minutes long.

2 Timothy 4
Isaiah 55: 11
Jeremiah 9: 1
Psalm 23
John 3: 27
Romans 8: 28
Philippians 3: 10

Our Relationship With God
Through Our Devotional Life
Through Our Committed Life

Our Relationship with the Congregation
From the Pulpit Through Our Preaching
Through Personal Contact With Our People

1. First and foremost, love your people
2. Don’t be afraid to lead
3. Keep in mind, you serve the sheep
4. Pray for your people by name
5. Continually practice forgiveness
6. Remember, patience is a virtue
7. Mark it down, visitation is important
8. Learn how to live with the ever-present critic
9. Don’t fall prey to envy
10. Refuse to make any snap decisions
11. Watch out for guilt feelings
12. Beware of the numbers game
13. Laugh a lot
14. Watch out for pride
15. Don’t wallow in self pity
16. Memorize Romans 8: 28
17. Thank God He called you into the ministry