Short Wave Radio
Reaching 17 nations, 3.8 billion people, approximately 48% of the world's population
with a message of HOPE

Countries reached through Hope Radio from the Island of Palau:

   China ~1.393 Billion                                                   Mongolia ~3.2 Million   

Philippines ~109.6 Million                                         Japan ~126.4 Million 

   Laos ~7 Million                                                            Vietnam ~97.3 Million  

        Thailand ~69.4 Million                                                Cambodia ~16.7 Million  

                   Bangladesh ~161.4 Million                                       Myanmar (Burma) ~53.7 Million 

    Bhutan ~772 Thousand                                            Nepal ~28 Million          

North Korea ~25.7 Million
South Korea ~52 Million
Indonesia ~273.5 Million
Malaysia ~32.7 Million
India ~1.38 Billion

These three antennas combined can reach over 3.8 billion people. By reaching just 1% of that population, 38 million people would hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is possibly the greatest outreach opportunity in the world.