Life is difficult sometimes. We’re constantly busy and just can’t seem to catch a break from everything. There are so many things promising to change our lives and give us rest, that we can often forget that God is the only one who can really help us. The good news is that God doesn’t just give us good advice; He completely transforms us and gives us eternal life when we put our faith in Him. Watch our televised church services in Houston to find out more about what God’s already done for you and how you can have everlasting peace in Him. At Christian Worship Hour, we are dedicated to bringing people of all walks of life to Jesus, and showing them how they can be completely cleansed of their sins. We have a God who loves and cares for each of us individually, and we are excited to share the hope that we have in Him with others. Since we believe in the power of the Gospel to save, we make it our mission to make the Word of God available to everyone, particularly those who have trouble getting to church in person. If you would like to join us for our Sunday TV program in Houston, you can check us out online or on your local TV channels. We also provide our sermons on CDs or DVDs for your convenience. When you tune in, you’ll find that every message we preach is based on the teachings of the Word of God. Our ministry upholds that the Bible is inspired by God and able to equip us for following Jesus. No matter how long you’ve known about the God of the Bible, we welcome you to listen in on our televised church services in Houston. Each Bible lesson is made to be quick and simple, so everyone can understand it, even if this is your first time hearing about Jesus. If you would like to know more about Christian Worship Hour’s ministry and how you can access our Sunday TV programs in Houston, contact us today!

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