Christian Worship Hour Accredited by the ECFA


The Christian Worship Hour is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

Our membership profile with the ECFA can be found here.

The ECFA was founded in 1979 and provides accreditation to religious organizations that meet their strict standards for church financial accountability. Areas covered are:

  • A written statement of faith
  • ECFA standards will govern the association
  • Complete financial records disclosed
  • Financial statements submitted to ECFA
  • Must comply with all laws and regulations
  • All financial records open to ECFA at all times
  • Guard against conflict of interest
  • Honesty in presenting our ministry

In our 40-year history, we have never begged for money nor have we ever been criticized for our handling of funds. Now as an ECFA accredited organization you can rely on our church financial accountability.

We thank all who have supported our ministry and we are happy our church’s financial accountability can be reinforced by an organization like the ECFA. When you give to the Christian Worship Hour you can be assured your gift is carefully, wisely used to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world!There can be no question about it.