Everyday life can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Watch our Anchorage, AK televised church services to learn how according to the Scriptures, God is loving and powerful, able to carry all of our burdens no matter what they are. As God's children and followers of Christ, we are never alone. God walks with us through each hardship in life, as does the vast body of believers who can encourage us as we face each challenge. At Christian Worship Hour, our goal is to introduce people in Anchorage and across the globe to God and encourage them to continue to grow that relationship. 

Our televised church services in Anchorage, AK, can help you grow in your knowledge of God and the plans He has in store for your life. We invite you to tune in to KAUU every Sunday morning at 10:30 AKST and learn more about how God can help bring peace in your life despite your challenges and struggles. We understand that not everyone can physically attend church services, so we invite you to watch our Anchorage, AK Sunday TV program in various formats. Our programs and sermons can be viewed on cwh.org and requested on DVD and CD formats. Sign up for our Bible lessons to learn more about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. Whether you've been a believer for many years now or if this is your first time coming to Jesus, we would love to have you tune into our Anchorage, AK televised church services. Our Bible studies are designed to encourage and help us apply the Scriptures to our everyday lives. 

Christian Worship Hour wants to share with you that Jesus loves you, died for you and rose again so that you may have eternal life in heaven. Our Bible studies can be used in groups or as individual studies. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our Anchorage, AK Sunday TV ministry. We are excited to be a part of these next steps in your journey with Christ. Jesus is calling and waiting, and He wants you to know that you don't have to feel alone anymore. Join us for our televised Christian worship services in Anchorage, AK today!