If you feel overwhelmed in this season of life, you are not alone. Many people move throughout their days with heavy hearts, lacking joy and hope. The good news is there is always hope. At Christian Worship Hour, we want everyone in our community and all over the world to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. To share the Message with as many people as possible, we offer Sunday TV programs and televised church services in the Austin area. The Good News transcends the darkest of times, and His love fills the darkest places. Whether you want to deepen your relationship with Jesus or have never heard about Him, we can point you in the right direction. There is no better time than right now to learn about God’s everlasting love.

Having a community of believers can encourage you to pursue Jesus in every season of life. That is why we broadcast the Truth of Jesus through our online televised church services in Austin; to reach people from every background and life experience. We enjoy spreading the Good News of the Gospel through our sermons, online worship, and Bible studies. Join us for our online worship service and continue your journey with our monthly newsletter Bible study. We offer DVDs and CDs of our services, as well as recorded sermons via our website, whenever you want to watch or listen. You can use them to start a local Bible study or for your personal enrichment

Did you know it’s never too late to learn about Jesus? We understand many people have complex backgrounds and are walking through tough seasons of life. We also believe there is no better time to pursue a relationship with God. Our Austin Sunday TV programs will walk you through how much God loves you and teach you that He is willing to forgive your sins. We don’t need to spend more time searching for peace. We can point you to Jesus, who offers lasting peace. If you want to learn more about our ministry, contact us today. We look forward to having you join us for our online church services in Austin, available on cwh.org. Become a part of our community today!