Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of everyday life? The Bible teaches us that God is powerful enough to carry all of our burdens, no matter how heavy they may be. As followers of Jesus, we never walk alone. We have the God of the universe with us and a community of believers to support and encourage us. Here at Christian Worship Hour, we are dedicated to sharing the message of God's love and grace. Join us for our televised church services in Billings, MT Sundays at 9 a.m. MST on KHMT and discover how God can bring you peace in the midst of your struggles.

Our Bible studies are designed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and understand the Word of God. At Christian Worship Hour, we are committed to spreading the Good News of the Gospel far and wide through our Billings, MT Sunday TV program. We understand that not everyone is able to attend church in person, which is why we offer a variety of formats for our church services on Whether you prefer to worship with us online or receive DVDs or CDs of our sermons, we make it easy for you to connect with our community and explore the teachings of the Bible.

Our Bible lessons are suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus, whether you're a lifelong believer or just beginning to explore your faith. We believe that the Word of God can speak to everyone, regardless of their age or background.  When you join us for our Billings, MT televised church services, you’ll find that our teachings are practical and relevant, and help you apply the Scriptures to your daily walk with Jesus.

It's never too late to start your faith journey. If you're looking to deepen your understanding of what Jesus did to save us and how you can receive forgiveness for your sins, tune in to our televised church services in Billings, MT. Our Sunday TV programs are perfect for individual or group Bible studies, and we're excited to come alongside you as you explore your faith. To learn more about our televised Christian worship services in Billings, MT, contact Christian Worship Hour today!