When you want televised church services and Sunday TV in Birmingham, check out Christian Worship Hour. We offer weekly TV services and devotionals to help renew our brothers’ and sisters’ faith in the Good Word of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been serving communities throughout the world since 1979. Led by our pastor, Dr. Harold E. Salem, we aim to bring the positive message of the Gospel to as many people as possible. Our world is full of misery and worry, but as Christians, we must remember that we have a greater purpose and calling to our lives. With our weekly program, we hope to bring the promises of our Lord to both believers and non-believers. We offer a weekly, 30-minute program that airs at 10:30 AM CST on station WABM. Our Birmingham televised church services and Sunday TV programs include a sermon from Pastor Salem that focuses on the teachings of the Gospel and how these lessons are important in our daily lives. Our mission is to bring positive messages of hope and healing to believers throughout the community, and we encourage all of our viewers to share our program with their friends and family. If you are not able to watch Christian Worship Hour live, you can also watch weekly sermons on our website, order copies of DVDs and CDs, or subscribe to our newsletter. We aim to make viewing or listening to our program as easy as possible, and are happy to answer any questions you have about accessing our show. Tune into Christian Worship Hour for weekly televised church services and Sunday TV programs in Birmingham. Our uplifting program will help you use the teachings of the Gospel in your daily life, and help you to have a renewed sense of purpose. For any questions about our program, or to make a donation to our mission, please contact us today.

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