Christian Worship Hour has been guiding people through the negativity and hopelessness of the world ever since we broadcast our first TV church service in Aberdeen, South Dakota, in January of 1979. Today, more than ever, the average person is bombarded with bad news, mixed messages, and lies. It can be confusing if you don’t understand that the Word of God will lead you through it all. Remember that Jesus never leaves us, and His truth will cut the path toward faith, hope, and eternal life. You may face many struggles each day, but the Christian Worship Hour TV and online worship resources can help you recall the promises that our Lord and Savior made to us, and share those promises with those around you. If you feel lost, chances are that your family, friends, and neighbors are feeling the same way. We encourage you to share the messages you learn on our weekly television programs, found in the Charlotte area Sundays on WCCB at 10 a.m. EST. Our TV and online worship resources can help you take comfort in the promises that our Lord and Savior made to us, so that the many out there who are lost can find Him, strengthen their faith, and renew their hope in daily life. Through 60-minute programs, the Christian Worship Hour fulfills its core mission to delve into exalting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that all may find the hope and joy provided through His unwavering promises. Christian Worship Hour’s TV and online sermons not only provide the message of the Gospel to billions of believers around the globe, but it also brings the Christian community together to stand strong in an uncertain world filled with fear. We at Christian Worship Hour gladly bring the Word of God in our television and online worship at

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