The world we live in can be a stressful and downright depressing place, and it’s often hard to find comfort and peace when we’re feeling down. But there is hope in the arms of Jesus and in fellowship with believers. Whether we’re being challenged by weekly sermons, entering in during prayer gatherings, enjoying worship together, or all of the above, being in God’s presence can give us strength and can fill our cups. But not everyone is able to make it to church every Sunday. In a time when it’s easier than ever to connect to God’s people through technology, there’s nothing stopping us from being a part of the family of God and hearing the word of God spoken regularly. If a person prefers listening to online worship, Chicago’s Christian Worship Hour is a great option. Or if someone is hungry to watch a TV church service, we’re blessed and thankful to have the resources to offer church within the comfort and safety of the home at TLN Sunday at 12 pm CST. At Christian Worship Hour, we offer Chicago residents just that: a chance to enter into the presence of God when going to church isn’t easy or, in some cases, isn’t possible. Each and every Sunday, folks all over Chicago are able to tune in to hear the gospel preached, sing along with anointed worship, and enjoy powerful prayer time. This life-changing ministry is available to anyone who needs it and we’re blessed to be a blessing. If you’re looking for more resources during the week, take a minute to check out our Christian Worship Hour devotionals, stay up to date with our newsletters, or take a look at the steps to salvation. We’d love to help you start your journey with Jesus. Have a question or comment? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to contact Christian Worship Hour today at!

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