You don't have to become overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations you face in life. According to the Bible, God is powerful enough to carry our burdens, no matter what we face. As followers of Christ, we no longer have to walk alone. We are supported by a vast network of believers and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Introducing people to God and His Word is the foundational mission of Christian Worship Hour. We invite you to join us every Sunday at 10 a.m. EST on WGGS for our Greenville, SC, televised church services to learn how God can offer you peace through your worries and challenges. 

With our easy-to-understand Bible lessons, you can develop and deepen your relationship with Jesus. Serving Greenville, SC, Christian Worship Hour is dedicated to spreading the Gospel's Good News to as many people as possible. Since we understand that not everyone can physically attend church, you can view our Greenville, SC, Sunday TV programs in various ways. In addition to taking advantage of our online ministry, you can purchase DVDs and CDs of our sermons. You can also see our Greenville, SC televised church services on We urge everyone who wants to learn about God’s enduring love to listen to our Bible lessons, regardless of whether they have been Christians for a lifetime or this is their first time coming to Jesus. With every Bible lesson, we encourage you to apply what you learn to your daily life. 

The Bible can speak to you and transform your life. The ideal moment to learn about Jesus Christ is right now. If you want to learn more about the Good News of the Gospel, join us for our Greenville, SC, Sunday TV programs and online worship services. Our Bible lessons are perfect for both individual and group study. On your path of faith, we want to be there for you. Contact us now to discover more about our Greenville, SC televised church services.

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