City Televised Church Services: Sunday TV | Christian Worship

KSMO Sun 10:00 am CST/KMCI Sun 10:00 am CST

Do you ever feel discouraged and alone by the heavy burdens in your life? If so, you are not alone. Today’s world brings uncertainty and daily troubles that cause us to doubt the truth and steal our joy. At Christian Worship Hour, our mission is to get the good news of the Gospel to the people of Kansas City and the nearby areas. We are passionate about sharing God’s eternal message of salvation and hope so that others may spread the message to their neighborhoods, families, and friends. If you’re struggling to find peace and hope in this world, the good news of the Gospel can help you find comfort. We want to encourage you to pursue Christ, even in troubling times.

Christian Worship Hour has been sharing the message of Jesus Christ since 1979, and we hope other communities will keep sharing the news. We partner with broadcast companies across the country to bring you encouraging and Scriptural-filled worship services and sermons. Our community understands some people do not have a community of believers to worship with on Sundays, so we bring the worship service to you. Our services reach millions of people around the world, encouraging them in their relationship with Christ.

Not only can you watch our TV church services Sundays on KSMO and KMCI at 10:00 am CST in Kansas City, but you can also enjoy our sermons online at or order them in DVD and CD format. Regardless of your age, the Gospel speaks to everyone and can make a difference in your life. Whether you’re just hearing about Jesus Christ for the first time or you’re looking for encouragement in your walk with Christ, we hope our resources will help you find a renewed faith. You can access our sermons, Bible studies, and more and share them with your own communities. Contact us today to learn more about our TV church services in Kansas City!