Don’t allow the pressures of daily life to overwhelm you. Join us for our Madison, WI televised church services to learn how God can carry your burdens and lift you up. The Bible tells us that God is here to carry all our burdens, regardless of our difficulties. As a follower of Christ, you will never be truly alone. At Christian Worship Hour, we have a vast community of believers to support and uplift us, in addition to our mighty and loving Heavenly Father walking with us. Introducing people to God is our primary purpose here at Christian Worship Hour. 

Watch our televised church services in Madison, WI, on ETVW Sundays at 7:30 a.m. CST to learn more about our Lord and Savior. At, you can also watch our sermons online. We will discuss how God has the power to bring you peace despite your difficulties. You can also deepen your relationship with Jesus using our easy-to-understand Bible studies available to those who are in Madison, WI. Christian Worship Hour is dedicated to spreading the Good News of the Gospel. We understand that not everyone can physically travel to church, which is why we provide a variety of methods to watch our Madison, WI Sunday TV services. 

You can order DVDs or CDs of our teachings and watch our online worship services. We urge everyone who wants to learn about God to tune in to our Devotional lessons, regardless of whether they have been Christians for a long time or this is their first introduction to Jesus. In each of our televised church services in Madison, WI, we urge you to put the Scriptures to work in your life. No matter your age or upbringing, the Word of God can speak to you and uplift you. If you want to discover more about what Jesus Christ did to save you and how you can have your sins forgiven, tune in to our Madison, WI, Sunday TV program.