Walking through valleys is a normal part of life. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world—we’re never going to be completely carefree on this side of heaven. It’s common for believers to feel down, desperately needing some life-giving encouragement. Thankfully, although we were never promised an easy life, we can trust the One who holds us in His hands. Our futures are filtered through His fingers, and we are never alone when we trust in the Lord. What an incredible source of encouragement it is to know that God won’t ever leave us.

The Christian Worship Hour understands how difficult life can be. We want to be a valuable resource for people who need a Christ-centered community. Whether you’re looking for online sermons or other Christian resources, Christian Worship Hour is here for you!

At a time when it can be difficult or even impossible to get to church on Sundays, we are grateful to be a blessing with our online sermons and weekly messages. Enjoy church from the comfort and security of your own home with our Bible-based resources. Our church services in Milwaukee, WI are full of passion, brimming with sound doctrine, and overflowing with love for our Savior and our world.

No matter where you’re located, Christian Worship Hour invites you to join us for our Milwaukee online church services and Sunday TV programs. If you want to supplement with more teachings throughout the week, feel free to stream a message through cwh.org.

Here at Christian Worship Hour, we’re all about reaching as many people as we can with the message of Jesus. If you need some encouragement or you want to grow in your faith, we’re here for you. Check out our Christian resources and online church services in Milwaukee, WI today!