How can you feel alone in a city as highly populated as New York City? It is easy even in such a large place when you live in a time of uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness. But every Christian knows that the Lord is our light in these dark times. Only His Word can guide us through it. That is why it is Christian Worship Hour’s mission to bring the Word of God to as many people as possible through our television and online church services. We at Christian Worship Hour are called to listen and spread the message that His Word is eternal. It is our map through hardship, doubt, and fear. That is why we have devoted our Sunday television church services to spreading His truth ever since Christian Worship Hour first went live way back in January of 1979 in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Today, with broadcast partners all over the world, our TV church services have reached billions of believers, giving them guidance and hope. Christian Worship Hour has spread the message of God to over 100 million homes in the United States and to over 1.6 billion viewers across the globe, including 86 TV stations and five cable and satellite networks, not to mention those who tune in to our online worship and sermons to hear the Word of God proclaimed by people of faith at It is certain in these uncertain times that we need His Word and guidance the most right now. That is why Christian Worship Hour is devoted to proclaiming the Word of God in truth, so that the many who are lost can find Him and renew their hope. It is our sole mission to exalt our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, so that all may find eternal life, strengthen their faith, and discover joy again. You can use these same messages to spread Jesus’ message of peace and hope to your family and friends, and all your lost brothers and sisters out there.

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