Paducah Televised Church Services | Sunday TV | Christian Worship

QFVS Sun 9:00 am CST

Are you burdened by the cares of this world? Perhaps you’re dealing with difficult seasons of life with trying circumstances that steal your joy. Life doesn’t have to feel this way; you don’t have to walk this journey alone. At Christian Worship Hour, we understand people walk through challenging seasons in life and struggle with unique circumstances. We also believe that God knows and cares about each one of these. Join us for our televised church services in Paducah to learn how He can give us the strength to handle any difficulties that come our way.

Worshiping with one another helps us learn more about God and gives us peace and strength for our faith journey. We believe it can help you, too. However, we understand that not everyone has a place where they can meet together for Sunday service. That is why we are passionate about reaching out to people in Paducah and other parts of the world with the message of God’s love. Our Paducah Sunday TV church service is a part of our ministry that encourages Christians in their walk with God. Participating in online or televised church services in Paducah is a great way to receive encouragement and learn more about the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Our ministry can also provide a variety of Bible study and sermon resources. We understand that not everyone can meet in person, so we offer our sermons to view on our website or to order CD or DVD format. Our team also sends out a monthly newsletter, which includes a Bible study/devotional you can use for individual enrichment or group study in your community. Whether you would like to be nurtured in your daily walk with Jesus Christ or are just learning about Jesus, we want to help you grow in your faith. Tune in to QFVS Sundays at 9:00 am CST and reach out to Christian Worship Hour today to learn more about our Sunday TV programs and televised church services in Paducah and receive encouragement for your faith journey.