Since 1979, Christian Worship Hour has served communities across the globe with weekly ministry and we are here to bring you a renewed faith through the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Sioux Falls televised church services and Sunday TV inspire people through the teachings of the Bible and are a powerful tool for Christians to use as they face the trials of tribulations of everyday life. It is no secret that we live in a world full of uncertainty and our mission as Christians must be to stay focused on the positive message of salvation that Jesus has brought to us and sharing this hope with people around us. Despite all the chaos in our world, we can always find peace with the Good Word.

Televised church services and Sunday TV are offered to the community of Sioux Falls on two stations every Sunday. For the 30-minute program, please tune into station KELO XTRA Sunday mornings at 8 AM CST. For our full, 60-minute program, tune into station KSFY at 10 AM CST on Sunday mornings. These weekly programs offer an in-depth look at scripture and how the teachings in the Bible still pertain to life and how we interact with one another. We hope that by tuning into our weekly program, you can find a renewed sense of faith and purpose and take comfort in knowing you are not alone; Jesus never leaves us. If you are unable to tune into Christian Worship Hour on Sunday mornings, you can also view sermons online at and order copies of CDs and DVDs from our website. When you are looking for televised church services and Sunday TV in Sioux Falls, turn on the weekly program that Christian Worship Hour offers. We hope that it brings you joy, peace, and faith to get you through trying and normal times. For any questions about our mission, contact us today at

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