Christian Worship Hour: Bringing Christ to You, Wherever You Are

Christian Worship Hour offers engaging, spirit-filled devotionals and church services online and televised church services on Sunday TV in St. Joseph that cater to all ages. We provide a welcoming digital community, enriching sermons, and flexible worship hours, making it easy for everyone to connect with faith from the comfort of their homes.

Christian Worship Hour is dedicated to spreading the Word of God and nurturing believers' faith in St. Joseph and beyond. Each week, we provide online church services filled with inspiring sermons and uplifting music, creating a strong community feel at. Depending on your schedule, you have the option between 30-minute sermons or 60-minute services online at We also offer weekly devotional videos for a quick inspiration boost. Moreover, our televised church services reach over 80 TV stations nationwide every week. You can join us on Sunday TV on St. Joseph’s own KNPN as we delve into Christ's teachings together.

Watch our televised church services in St. Joseph on KNPN, Sundays at 9 a.m. CST.

About Christian Worship Hour

At Christian Worship Hour, we hold certain beliefs dear. We cherish the Bible as God's perfect guide. We trust in one God who exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Father is a loving protector, the Son is Jesus Christ who sacrificed for us, and the Holy Spirit guides us like a teacher. We believe everyone can be saved through faith in Jesus and striving to emulate Him. All followers of Jesus are from one big family that cares for each other and helps those around them. Lastly, we use modern tools like TV and the internet to share Jesus' message with everyone.

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We offer 30-minute sermons and 60-minute church services that can be easily accessed online. Whether you're hoping to catch up on past messages or join us live for the latest broadcast, our platform offers flexibility and convenience. Additionally, we provide daily devotional videos that serve as a source of inspiration and reflection, delivered directly to your email inbox.

Start your Sunday right with inspiration! Our weekly church services air on Sunday TV in St. Joseph on KNPN at 9 a.m. CST. Tune in for uplifting messages and a sense of community. Here’s a big idea: Consider starting a local group to watch our weekly televised church services on the big screen. This not only allows you to enjoy our sermons but also helps build a local community of believers who can connect and engage with each other regularly. Our ultimate goal is to make our services accessible to everyone, wherever they may be.

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Sign up for our Christian newsletter in St. Joseph where you can receive devotionals and ministry updates each month. Packed with information to use for bible study, plus devotional and memorials the Christian Worship Hour newsletter is a great source of information and inspiration, delivered directly to your inbox or via mail.


Generous support from believers in St. Joseph and beyond helps us spread the message of Christ. When the faithful donate, whether it's a one-time or recurring gift, it significantly impacts the continuation of our important work. Estate giving is another way people often give, allowing them to leave a lasting legacy of faith. Tithing is a truly meaningful way you can support our mission.

Find Strength in Scripture and Joy in Fellowship

Christian Worship Hour offers solace, purpose, and spiritual nourishment through our online services, inspiring devotionals, and televised church services in St. Joseph and across the country. It stands as a beacon of hope that welcomes everyone, virtually and on air. Join our community and you’ll find strength in Scripture, joy in fellowship, and your path illuminated by Christ's love. Our goal is to grow together in faith, touching one soul at a time.

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