If you find yourself overwhelmed by the difficult seasons of life, you are not alone. Many people feel burdened by their grief, worry, or turmoil and live life feeling hopeless. The good news is that life doesn’t have to feel this way. Scripture encourages us to rely on God’s promises for a better way of living. At Christian Worship Hour, we are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with people everywhere. We aim to show the world that we are never truly alone when walking with the Lord. We teach the truth of God’s Word through our televised church services in Topeka. Our Sunday TV Christian worship services are broadcast on MTKA every Sunday at 10 a.m. CST. Our sermons Bible studies are also available to view, download, and order online. 

Our community understands that only some have a local body of believers they can worship with each week. Anyone can view our Topeka Christian worship services online at if they do not have a local community of believers who share their faith. We also provide CDs, DVDs, and other resources for those wanting to start a local Bible study group or grow in their faith. These are helpful resources perfect for a small group, large gathering, or personal study. If you wish to study the Scriptures or learn how a relationship with Jesus can enrich your life, view our televised church services in Topeka on Sundays or browse our website now. 

Learning about God through the Scriptures, Bible studies, and our televised church services in Topeka will help you deepen your faith. Regardless of your religious background or history, God loves you and desires a relationship with you. We are ready to help you grow your faith and become closer in relationship to Jesus Christ. Tune in to our Topeka Sunday TV Christian worship services or reach out to us today to receive more information about our sermons and Bible study resources. We look forward to being a part of your faith journey! 

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