• Scripture: John 19:23
  • Broadcast Date: 11/21/2016

In her autobiography, Corrie ten Boom described her and her sister Betsy’s time in a Nazi concentration camp in the early 1940’s. One day in the camp, they were forced to take off all their clothes during an inspection. Corrie stood in line feeling defiled, forsaken, embarrassed. Suddenly, she remembered that Jesus, when He was crucified, had hung naked before the whole world. Struck with wonder and worship, Corrie whispered to her sister, “Betsy, they took Jesus’ clothes too.” Betsy gasped and said, “Oh, Corrie . . .and I never thanked Him!” And I thought, “Oh dear Jesus, nor have I ever thanked You!” How utterly strange for such an act of love, and I have never thought of thanking Him. And then it dawned upon me. How many other things have I taken for granted without so much as a sincere expression of appreciation. This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. What better time to determine to be more thankful. And oh yes, I am thankful for you!