• Scripture: John 3:36
  • Broadcast Date: 04/10/2017

John 3:36

I recently read about a man who refused to believe in the risen Christ. He was married to a dedicated Christian woman. He loved her devotedly, but would not believe that the death and resurrection of Christ could save him. Though she begged him to receive Jesus, and spoke to him time and again, he always treated her kindly, but refused. Suddenly, she was taken in death. His mourning was deep, his heart almost broken. His friends thought, now is the time, his heart is tender, surely he will open his heart to Jesus. They told him of Jesus, how He died on the cross for him, how Jesus was raised from the dead and that there was new life beyond the grave. They told him if he accepted Jesus that someday he would see his wife again. He smiled, but sadly shook his head. When his dear wife was buried it seemed that his heart was buried with her. In deep longing he went time and time again to her grave. One day at her grave, he noticed a small stirring in a bush across the grave—there he saw a miracle take place. He saw a cocoon open and a beautiful butterfly winging its way over his wife’s grave. The truth struck home to his heart; he fell to his knees crying, “O God, if you can bring a beautiful butterfly out of the coffin of a worm, then surely you can bring my wife back to me from the grave.” That day, at the grave, he accepted the Risen Savior.