• Scripture: Isaiah 64:6
  • Broadcast Date: 03/20/2017

Isaiah 64:6

Little Nancy loved her dolls and, she kept every last one of the them that friends had given her. As time went on they became
tattered and torn from usage, but never was there one that was castaway. They were all precious and loved by Nancy. Some had
missing eyes and ears, some of them had lost most of their hair. They were a sight to behold. One day a friend came to visit her mother. With great pride little Nancy invited the guest to visit her bedroom and meet her dolls. All of them were carefully laid out on her bed. “I love these dolls” the little girl said. Then, picking up a doll with a button missing from an eye, part of the thread missing from it’s lips and a face that had become worn from being held so much, little Nancy said, “I love this one the most,” holding her close.” Why do you love her the most?” the guest inquired. “Well, little Nancy replied, if I didn’t love her Probably no one else would!”

WOW, I thought, she is talking about me! With all of my sins and wickedness. I thought of all the ways I sinned against God, who is going to love me? God tells me that all of my righteousness is as filthy rags (Isa. 64:6) and that I was actually numbered with the enemies of God. (Rom. 5:10). With that kind of record, yes, who’s going to love me? But in spite of all that, Jesus loved me and took me in, cleansed me in His precious blood, and made me His child forever. And do you know
what else? He loves you the same way! Want someone to love you? Go to Jesus like I did.