• Scripture: John 1:12
  • Broadcast Date: 10/31/2016

A salesman was calling on one of his favorite customers—an elderly gentleman who owned a country store. The salesman found “Old Sam” sitting on the porch gently rocking back and forth with an old labrador retriever lying quietly beside him. As the salesman walked up the steps he said, “That’s a beautiful dog. Does he bite?” “Nope,” said Old Sam as he continued to rock. The salesman reached down to pet the dog. Just as he touched the dog’s head it growled and snapped viciously at him. He jumped back and shouted, “I thought you said your dog didn’t bite!” “My dog doesn’t—that’s not my dog” responded Old Sam. The salesman didn’t pay attention and was almost bitten. Some people say that everybody is going to heaven. Jesus said clearly and plainly that “ONLY those who receive Him will go to heaven.” Which goes to show that if you don’t pay attention to what people are saying, you will end up with something a lot worse than a dog bite!