• Scripture: Revelation 3:20
  • Broadcast Date: 08/17/2015

Love That Never Tires. In this video, Pastor Salem shares a story of a father’s unending love for his child. I read the story of a man whose little six year old daughter was in a deep coma and in the hospital. She had been that way for several weeks but every day the father came to her bedside, just the same. He always brought her flowers. Then he would talk to her; he would tell her some little stories or perhaps quote some scripture or talk about some things in her room at home. Her teddy bear, her pretty little doll, and some of her coloring books.

He would tell her about the beautiful world outside her window and described the clouds that floated by. But through it all, she never responded in any way — the only sound the girl ever made was her labored breathing.

One day her nurse, touched by the father’s faithfulness and unresponsiveness of the little girl, said to him, “It must be hard giving so much love when there’s no response.”

The father’s quick reply was, “I’m going to keep on coming and bringing flowers and telling her stories even if she’s oblivious to it. Because I love her whether or not she ever loves me back.”

As I read that story I thought, Now isn’t that just like God? He loves us, if we don’t love Him back. Even if I’m like that comatose six-year-old and don’t realize He’s even there, yet He loves me. He is shut out of my life in so many cases, yet He loves me. I reject Him. We reject Him. We ignore Him. We may even mock Him. He still loves us, even in our sins.

Our loving Lord told the church of Laodicea, and He tells everyone of us this very same thing today, ” Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. ” Revelation 3:20

Can you imagine it? Jesus, Son of God, Savior of the world, standing at our heart’s door, asking permission to come into our life. He loves us. He knocks for admission into our life. We have to let Him in, but we just let Him stand. We’re so busy doing nothing, and oblivious to the presence to the Son of God just outside our life. And yet, He loves us and continues knocking.

I wonder, Dear Friend, how long has He been knocking at your door? How long have you ignored the Lord of Glory and kept Him out of your life? This wonderful Jesus, who went to the cross of Calvary and gave His life to pay for our sins, did He die in vain so far as you’re concerned?

I want to go on record right now and tell you that when I was ten years old I opened the door of my heart. Now 82 years have passed by, and true to His word He came into my life and He’s been with me ever since. He loved me while I was in my awful sin. He cleansed me of those sins and we had fellowship.

It is my prayer that if you’ve never accepted Jesus into your heart, that you’ll fully open the door and allow the wonderful love of God to flood into your soul.