• Scripture: John 6:37
  • Broadcast Date: 11/14/2016

I read an amusing story about a football team in its final game of the year. The team that won would be the conference champions. However, the star running back had broken the team curfew and was benched—unable to play. It was a tough game and the team fell behind. However, the students began to rally for support of the benched player and started to chant, “We want Kelley, we want Kelley.” Finally the coach motioned to him. Kelley jumped up and cried, “I’m ready coach, I’m ready!” “Great, said the coach. Go up into the stands. They want you more than I do.” Wow, talk about deflated-not wanted. Has that ever happened to you? It has to me, and it’s not fun. But, do you know what? Some people think that their sins are so bad that God will not want them. If you feel that way, read John 6:37 where Jesus said, “him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out.” Try it and see; I did!