• Scripture: Psalm 37:1
  • Broadcast Date: 04/18/2016

Give everything to Jesus and the fret factor will diminish.   Also go out and help somebody, do something to encourage someone and in doing so you will not have any time to fret and you will be honoring God along the way.

The great King David once said, “Fret not thyself.” Psalm 37:1

Don’t fret and fuss, there is no future in it! So David tells us not to fret over things or over people or whatever. Good advice, but how does one do it? Well, the sweet singer of Israel tells us how to live such a life. He tells us to “trust in the Lord, and do good.” (verse 3.) To trust simply means to give everything to Jesus and in doing so, the fret factor will diminish. But just don’t sit there trusting; get to work for God. David tells us to “do good,” that is, help somebody; do something to encourage someone. There are people all over the place who are struggling, who are going through some deep waters, who may be at the point of perishing. If you want to get over the fret factor, pour your life into the lives of the struggling. If we do, we will not have time to fret, and we will be honoring our Lord at the same time.