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Scripture: Matthew 6:33
Broadcast date: 03/27/2017

Matt. 6:33

I read a very interesting story the other day about a man strolling along a mountain stream. He was intrigued when he came upon a fly fisherman. He was intrigued because he observed that the fisherman caught a big, beautiful rainbow trout, examined it carefully, then threw it back into the stream. He did the same thing a second time. But the third catch, he kept even though the trout was only half the size of the previous catches. Unable to contain himself, the observer asked the fisherman why he had thrown back the first two larger fish and kept the smaller one. “Small frying pan,” replied the fisherman as he cast his line back into the stream. When I read that story I thought to myself, “What size frying pan am I using?”

When David went to battle against Goliath, he had a frying pan as large as God Himself. David had no question about it, he
wasn’t throwing anything back! Nor should you, nor should I. St. Paul had the same mind set, listen to him challenge the Philippian Christians, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” (Phil. 4:13). A word of caution. We must always be in God’s will and we must always remember, our frying pan is as large as God Himself! Now then, bring on the trout, I mean the sinners!