"A New Song" MARCH 2016

Bible Study

Dear fellow worker of the Christian Worship Hour:

Some two thousand years ago the angels of God declared to the disciples, “He is not here: for He has risen as He said.” (Mark 16) Later on the apostle Paul said, “Now is Christ risen!” (I Cor. 15:20) We would like to add one more statement, “CHRIST IS RISEN: NOW WHAT?”

  • CHRIST IS RISEN! NOW WE HAVE SALVATION. Mind you, there was a time when we did not have salvation. Really no one had salvation until Jesus shed His precious blood on the cross. The writer to the Book of Hebrews states clearly, “without shedding of blood is no remission.” (Heb. 9:22) St. John says the very same thing, “The blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all sin.” (I John 1:7) So all the saints of the Old Testament did not have their sins taken away; they had them covered with the blood of bulls and goats, but none of their sin was gone until Jesus shed His blood on the cross. That is why the veil in the temple was not torn in two until Jesus paid for the sins of the whole world for all time. Christ is risen; now we have salvation. (Acts 2:24,32); (Ephesians 1:19,20); (I Peter 1:3,4).
  • CHRIST IS RISEN! NOW WE HAVE JUSTIFICATION. When Jesus was raised from the dead, it was proof positive that God had accepted His death for our sins and that the price was paid in full. That is why the apostle declared, He “was raised for our justification.” (Romans 4:25) It also means that we can add nothing to His death; that by Himself He paid the price and was raised to prove the debt of our sins was paid. That is, we can do nothing to help take away our sins; Jesus paid it all! To Him goes all the praise. (Romans 5: 9,10); (Acts 16:31)
  • CHRIST IS RISEN! NOW WE HAVE PRESERVATION! That is because Jesus is alive, He is able to provide and protect all His people. We are safe and secure in the Arms of Jesus! We need never fear or wonder about our security in Jesus. In Hebrews 7:25 God says that Jesus can “save them unto the UTTERMOST.” That verse is talking about time, so you could say “uttermost of time.” That is why God called it, “everlasting” life. (John 3: 16, 3:18). I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry and wonder if at last, I will be saved. Christ is risen, alive watching over our soul we have entrusted with Him. Because Christ lives forever, I am going to also live forever! (John 11: 25,26); (John 10: 28,29); (Romans 5: 34)
  • CHRIST IS RISEN! NOW I HAVE ANTICIPATION! Someday if the Lord tarries, I am going to die. They are going to bury my body. My spirit and soul will go immediately to be with Jesus, but my body will be buried out there in the cemetery. But because Jesus’ body was raised from the grave, so shall my body and the bodies of all my loved ones in Christ be raised. The same mighty power of God that raised Jesus is going to raise up my body also! I look forward to that great resurrection day. (Thess. 4:14; II Cor. 4:14); (II Col. 5:17).
  • CHRIST IS RISEN! NOW WE HAVE DEDICATION! Dedication to tell others about the risen Christ so that they may find salvation just as we did when someone told us. St. Peter declared on the day of Pentecost, “This Jesus hath God raised up, whereof we all are witnesses.” (Acts 2:32) If Jesus was still in the grave, we would have nothing to say; there are all sorts of religious founders smoldering in the grave—not much to preach about there. But when our Founder came forth from the grave alive and powerful, it was a message for the world to hear. So because Jesus is risen, we are compelled to tell others. It is our obligation because the Risen Christ told us to, “ Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,” Jesus also said in the same breath, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world, Amen.” (Matt. 28: 19,20) Because Christ is risen, we all need to dedicate ourselves to that command. (Romans 12:1,2)

And there you have the heart of Christian Worship Hour—to tell the whole world about the risen Christ and His power to save. And can you believe it? Because of satellite, internet and short wave radio, we are sending the message of salvation to the entire world! And brother, sister—you are a part of the team! The minute you pray for this ministry and tell others about it and give financially to the cause, be it little or much, you are a part of the team and a vital part of fulfilling Christ’s command!
So thanks to each of you. I pray every day that God will be pleased with our efforts and that He will take it and use it to His glory!
God bless you!

I’ll be looking for you this weekend.
In our Savior’s Love,
Harold E. Salem, Pastor

Letters From Our Viewers

I am a Japanese DXer of 53 years old and my name is Kenji Hashimoto. One of my hobbies is listening to long-distant radio stations, and I am pleased to have received your station, and I have pleasure in sending you this reception report. I live in Nirasaki city of Yamanashi prefecture where situated about 130 kilometers west of Tokyo capital of Japan. I am employed as a computer system engineer here in Nirasaki. I started DXing in 1976, and so I have been interested in long-distant radio listening for 39 years. Having never listened to you before, I had an interest in your program. If possible, please tell me about your station’s profile. I thoroughly enjoyed your program.


I am sorry that I have not written to you for a long time, but this past year I have had two back surgeries and had to take it easy but I have still been watching the program and I think you are getting better with age in presenting the Gospel. Received your Christmas card with the pictures of all of the staff. Thank them very much, because without them we would not hear the Old Time Gospel that you preach also I enjoy the Old Time Singing. The Lord bless you.


I am 71 and have been listening to The Christian Worship Hour since early this year on shortwave. I found your teaching very interesting and inspiring especially those ideas concerning the personal relation with our Lord Jesus. If possible, I would like to receive any printed material on the issue. Other tracts will be welcome too.


I also appreciate the prayers that Pastor Salem offers for persecuted Christians around the world. To that end, I wanted to let you know that I am an Assyrian American and would like to request special prayers for my people in Iraq and Syria. As you know since June 2014 when ISIS took over Mosul (Nineveh) and later in August the surrounding towns, almost all Assyrians who are Christians became displaced. In Syria, ISIS took hundreds of Assyrians hostage in March and August of 2015. The Assyrian Church of the East in Syria with the help of Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organization (ACERO) has been working hard to secure their release. Some have been released but there are still hundreds that remain hostage (mostly women and children). Please pray for the rest of the hostages to be released unharmed.


Warm greetings to you from my hometown, the three-river city of Passau in Bavaria! I am writing to you in order to report reception of The Christian Worship Hour transmitted from statin WHRI, Cypress Creek SC. The signal strength was good, only slight static interference and fading appeared, altogether quite good reception; I will give some program details (times in UTC).


I don’t know your name (preacher). I was just catching the last of your sermon. I liked the way you praised the Lord. Oh my, you gave God his praise. I like hearing worship of Jesus in God’s name. You took me there in just a few words. I only saw maybe ten minutes of the program. Yet I felt as though I’d been lifted. I enjoyed every minute. I’ve never written to anybody for their sermons. This is my first letter. I’ve never seen you before. I will look for your sermons now. God bless you in Jesus name. Pray for me and my family.


I am a vet from Viet Nam. I have had trouble living in this world. You have given me hope.


It is refreshing to know that your ministry is without fanfare but shows your concern for kingdom building, that is bringing souls to Christ. May God continue to bless. Sincerely with the love of God.


No, I have no church, so you are it. I am physically able to go to church but mental illness keeps me from fitting in.


I have shared your DVD’s with others and have gotten others to watch your show. Some of these friends have passed away with peace from your show leading them to Christ. I also have a cousin who suffered depression and guilt after her divorce. She started watching your show and is depression free.



(For the month of March 2016)

In memory of my wife, SHIRLEY FRANKS, by BILL FRANKS, Grand Haven, MI, $50

In memory of my DAD, by DONNA JOHNSON & FAMILY, Revillo, SD, $50

In memory of my husband WM. G. FRANKEN, by NAYDNE F. YOUNG, Sedalia, MO, $50

In memory of my husband BILL YOUNG, by NAYDNE F. YOUNG, Sedalia, MO, $50

In memory of my mother, DONNA QUINN, by PAM QUINN, Deadwood, SD, $500

In memory of my FATHER & MOTHER, by DON FORBES, Jupiter, FL, $50

In memory of my sister, GLORIA LADEAN TWO CROW,

by HANK & CAROL BOWKER, Aberdeen, SD, $1,000

In memory of our parents, CARP & LIBBY MCAMIS & CHARLIE & ESTHER SHAUL,

by BRUCE & PEGGY MCAMIS, Alva, WY, $1000

In memory of my husband, SKIP MILTON & daughter, WANDA BIESHEUVEL,

by VIOLA MILTON, Kindred, ND, $20

In memory of my husband, LOUIS ZUPANCICH, by LORRAINE ZUPANCICH, Chisholm, MN, $125

In memory of my mom, BEULAH SALEM, by ROY & PATTY BECKER, Aberdeen, SD, $500

In memory of EVELYN BEALS, by BRUCE BEALS, Forsyth, MO, $25

In memory of ERNESTINA ESTEBAN, by A.J. MESSINA, Union City, NJ, $40

In memory of my husband, HAROLD A. THIESSE, by ALVINA THIESSE, Brainerd, MN, $500

In memory of LUCILLE RODUNER, by BELVA WALTER, St. Lawrence, SD, $10

In memory of LAUREL LEE, by STEVE & CANDACE OSBORN, Ada, MN, $60

In memory of, our daughter, JAN FATLAND, by her parents, DEAN & SYLVIA FATLAND, Fargo, ND, $15

In memory of DOUG BELL, by COLLEEN JARK, Aberdeen, SD, $50

In memory of ELAINE ERICKSON, by ROSE MARY MORROW, Elk Point SD, $25

In memory of RAYMOND LOCKERY, by HELEN LOCKERY, Maplewood, MN, $100

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In memory of VERNON G. LEE, by ALTA, SCOTT, STACY & JODEE LEE, Madison, SD, $100

In memory of my mom, ESTHER LYKKEN, by DIANE & BILL BRUNS, Madison, SD, $115

In memory of my wife and our mother, NAOMI “ALICE” SHAYKETT, by RALPH “BUD” SHAYKETT, KAY KAPSA & JUDY SHAYKETT & THEIR FAMILIES, Whitewood, SD, $700

In memory of RON “E” LYGHT, by LINDA KAY SNYDER, Virginia, MN, $150

In memory of JUDITH CRIDER, by her husband RICHARD CRIDER, Tucson, AZ, $75

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In memory of ALICE, by CURTIS SCHROEDER, Fort Myers, FL, $50

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by PETER THOMPSON, Bismarck, ND, $10

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In memory of, CHARLES FREDRICKSON, by MARK SIEVERS, Brandon, SD, $100

In memory of DON ANSLEY, by DONALD WILLIS, Indian Rocks Beach, FL, $100

(Any Memorials after 02/19/2016 will be listed in the April New Song)


In honor of PASTOR SALEM, by GLEN & TRUDY ZABEL, Elgin, MN, $50


In honor of my precious FAMILY, FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS, by CONNIE YARBER, Corinth, MS, $500


by BARBARA CORNELL, Ocala, FL, $500

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In honor of MICHAEL EVERETT MONTGOMER FLESHER, celebrating his 21st Birthday,

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In honor of JESUS, helping us celebrate our 66th Wedding Anniversary,

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In honor of our loving GRANDDAUGHTER, celebrating her 10th Birthday,

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In honor of PASTOR SALEM, by BEVERLY NELSEN, Omaha, NE, $250

In honor of our grandchildren, LAILA JASKA & COLE MALVIN,

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In honor of REBECCA SCHAMP, celebrating her Anniversary, Riverton, WY, $84

In honor of OUR LORD, by BARBARA CORNELL, Ocala, FL, $500

In honor of DENNIS NEW, celebrating his 72nd Birthday, Adrian, MO, $72

In honor of PASTOR SALEM, by DENNIS & ROBERTA PRICE, Egeland, ND, $30

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by RONALD KASS, Ludington, MI, $90

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In honor of PASTOR SALEM, by TED & JUDY THOMPSON, Lafayette, IN, $100

In honor of TROY & MELISSA PATTEN, celebrating their 12th Wedding Anniversary,

by GLENN & LELA DAVIS, Parker, SD, $200

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In honor of my MOM, celebrating her 96th Birthday, by ALLURE NICHOLLS, West Sacramento, CA, $20

In honor of my HUSBAND, celebrating his 75th Birthday, by SUE DIBBERT, Lincoln, NE, $75

In honor of my grandson, NICOLAI, by LAURA CAREY, Minatare, NE, $10

In honor of BERNIECE SPINELLI, by DAVID SPINELLI, Aurelia, IA, $40

In honor of MOM, BARBARA DAHME, celebrating 85th birthday, by DIANE BRUNS, Frederick, SD $65

In honor of DAD, JAMES M. MARTIN, by CAROL SHUBECK, Beresford, SD, $25

In honor of CARL, by WILMA WITTE, Kansas City, MO, $50

(Any Dedications after 02/19/2016 will be listed in the April New Song)

‘’And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe,

according to the working of his power, which he wrought in Christ when he raised

him from the dead and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly.”

Ephesians 1: 19-20

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